3 Ways To Promote Your Brand Without The Internet

3 Ways To Promote Your Brand Without The Internet 1
Image by: Sean MacEntee
By Theresa Grant

It’s almost impossible for a business to thrive in this day and age without using the internet. When it comes to marketing your business, a big chunk of the marketing goes into SEO and Pay Per Click advertisements on other websites.

Let’s say you are starting a business and don’t want to jump onto the internet right away or just don’t want to market using the internet. What are the old fashioned ways to promote your brand without using the internet?

1. Word Of Mouth

I work for an internet marketing company and we talk to businesses every single day that say they only want to grow their business using word of mouth referrals. Every day it shocks me to my core because they could be a thriving multi-million dollar company if they chose to put some money into marketing on the internet.

Most of the time; business owners are happy being a small or medium sized business instead of a huge corporation. No matter what you think, any kind of business needs a good referral status. That’s why there are websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, etc to rate the company’s service or business.

Everyone trusts what other people say about a business. Word of mouth is incredibly important and make sure you have some kind of referral kick back so the clients that refer their friends to your company get a little something special for growing your business.

2. Newspaper Ads

Not that many people look at these anymore since all of the newspapers are online; but make sure to get your business in the newspaper. You can still submit a paper ad that will be in the classified section of the morning paper that gets distributed at 4 AM every morning.

I wouldn’t expect you to see a major increase in business, if any business at all. Maybe you’ll gain a little business if the ad counts as a coupon for your services. My guess is the paper will automatically throw it on their online classifieds as well. It’s just the way to market this century.

3. Old Fashioned Mailers

The last way to promote your business without using the internet is to print off tons of flyers, brochures, and business cards. You’ll have to be a door to door salesman in the immediate 10-15 mile radius that your business surrounds.

Oh yes, the joys of being a door to door salesman. You have to introduce yourself as the owner, what your company does, services/products you offer, and to show people why you are a value to them.

This goes without saying that businesses will most likely collapse from underneath you if you don’t market on the internet but it’s possible to promote your business without the internet. It will just cost you 100 times more, consume endless hours you could focus on your company to become more innovative, and ultimately; you’ll just be wasting time.

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