When You Learn to Grow a Positive Attitude You’ll Have a More Meaningful & Enjoyable Existence

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By Vanessa Green

Have you ever felt that everything in your life seems to be out of your control and that you are just merely living your life on auto-pilot, going wherever the wind takes you?

There was a point in my life when I had a good job, I was earning a fair income to sustain my needs and my life’s little pleasures and though I was single, I was surrounded by supportive and loyal friends. However, there was something inside me that was feeling empty or missing. And although I wasn’t unhappy, I somehow felt stuck, demotivated, and unfulfilled.

At first, I thought it was an issue of discontentment; perhaps I was too blind to see and appreciate all the good things around me. But when I tried to dig deeper and question my own feelings, I began to realize the things that were lacking in my life – meaning and purpose.

My existence just revolved around work, home, and a little bit of socializing with friends, nothing more. The choices that I used to make were mostly based on other people’s opinions and were insignificant to my personal growth.

So, as soon as I figured these things out, I started to make the necessary changes to take back control of my life and focus my energy on what’s truly important.

Ladies, here are fool-proof ways to grow your inner personal power and to live life to the best of your abilities.

Be a Class Act

Being classy doesn’t mean owning expensive things and being surrounded by the rich and famous. It is about cultivating respect for everyone, including yourself and how you carry yourself during any given situation.

To become a woman of high class, you should be able to handle all life circumstances with the gentleness of a butterfly and the fierceness of a tigress, or in other words, with grace and confidence.

In romantic relationships, for instance, there are several troubling red-flags behaviors that indicate absence of class such as: calling your partner frequently to make sure that he is where he said he would be, allowing your entire world to revolve on your partner alone, becoming ridiculously jealous to the point of punching another woman in the face for flirting with your boyfriend and so much more.

If you want to be a class act, you should try to minimize and never justify these “mate-guarding behaviors.” Instead, show your commitment to your relationship by cultivating trust, respect for your partner and for yourself and by having zero tolerance to any form of abuse.

Make Your Health a Top Priority

One of the worst mistakes you can ever have in this lifetime is not making your health your top priority. By not taking significant efforts to care about yourself and to live a healthy lifestyle, you are not only sabotaging your well-being but your dreams as well.

Writer Joshua Steimle explains why he chooses exercising as a higher priority than his career.

Here are some of the highlights from his piece:

• It makes you more productive
• It helps you get control of your life
• It boosts confidence and self-esteem

Build Genuine & Lasting Friendships

Creating meaningful relationships is what makes life worthwhile. Real friends uplift your spirits when you’re feeling down, take time to listen to your problems, craziness, and sometimes, nonsense just to make your burdens a little lighter and bearable. They also turn into your personal support system especially in times of emergencies.

Cultivating genuine and lasting relationships takes time and effort. It’s not always about what they can do for you but also what you can do for them. You should be able to stand by your friends through the good times and the bad.

To upgrade your social circle and build real heartfelt connections with people, writer Sarah Seung-McFarland shares these 4 helpful tips.

I personally love #1: Deal with loneliness before aloneness. Taking responsibility of your own issues first makes the friendship more genuine instead of using people to resolve your insecurities and to fill in your emptiness.

Choose to Reframe Your Thoughts & Challenges Positively

You may not have the power to undo the past, correct your previous mistakes and prevent your failures from happening, but you always have the choice to change the way you view the things that are happening in your life.

To help you not get caught up or fixated on your problems, check this out – “How to Keep Your Mind Uncontaminated in a Negative World.”

Writer Matt Duczeminski provides ways on how to improve your outlook on life by accepting the inevitable, being more appreciative, focusing on productivity and doing the best you can every single day.

Ladies, remember than no one is better qualified to create positive changes in your life than you are. If you put too much emphasis on the things that you don’t have, your failures, and your mistakes, you will lose your chance of having a purposeful and happier life. So, you better start making conscious efforts to enjoy your journey by applying these positive practices as soon as possible.


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