4 Ways to Boost Your Spirits & Put Yourself In a Better Mood

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After having 3 kids, I became frustrated with my stretchmark laden body. I felt the need to fix it in order to become beautiful again. So, I tried going to several cosmetic centers to get rid of my belly scars, but I just ended up more disappointed with the results.  I just kept making myself believe that I was ugly and horrible.

For the longest time, I felt so ashamed about how I looked. Until one day, I realized what I was doing wrong for the longest time – I hated myself. Things started to change when I finally embraced my flaws and accepted them as a part of me. I started to see my lines as a reminder of how strong I am as a woman, of being able to raise 3 beautiful children in this world and of being able to survive change.

Sometimes, it’s not your circumstances that cause you to feel down. Sometimes, it’s your attitude and how you frame things in your mind. Here are ways to start uplifting your spirit and take yourself to a happier place.

Be With People Who Add to Your Growth

The people you spend time with and interact with have huge impact on your life. They can either bring you down or push you towards greatness. Also, energies are contagious. Therefore, when you surround yourself with people who know how to nurture and create their own happiness, you will find yourself facing each day with an uplifted spirit and see the world in a more positive perspective.

So, do yourself a favor. Remove toxic people from your life, avoid those parasites who suck the energy out of you and let go of those who make you feel small. Life is already filled with problems that give you stress and the last thing you need are those who disregard your feelings, treat you bad, and cause you pain.

Letting go of negativity can be challenging, but it could definitely help you find more joys in simple things. In love, for instance, it’s not easy to breakup with someone, especially when you’ve already invested a lot of time and effort.  However, when these signs are visable in your relationship, then it’s time to stop kidding yourself and accept that the romance has ultimately reached its natural end.

In my opinion, when there’s more doubt than hope, it’s better to call it quits and make room for someone who can make you happy and make your life more meaningful.

Switch From a Dreamer to A Doer

One of the reasons why you’re struggling to boost your mood is because your life is not aligned with your passion. Your dreams will not come true if you only keep thinking about them. You need to work hard to make things happen. You must turn wishful thinking into a life of action and achievement.

However, you have to be careful when you’re transitioning from being a dreamer to becoming a doer. Let’s take for example my friend Clarice. She wanted to become an event organizer. She didn’t have any experience in doing the job except for partying every weekend and knowing several people who could be potential clients. So, she invested a good amount of money on her first gig, believing that things would be easy. When the night ended, she lost several thousand dollars because she miscalculated everything.

Ladies, remember that there’s a big difference between positive thinking and wishful thinking. The former requires data and knowledge while the latter is blind and stubborn. It’s alright to be fearless if you want to become a doer of dreams, but make sure you only make educated and informed decisions.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes, the best treatment when you’re feeling down or worried about your job or financial situation is to do something different with your body. Yes, ladies, by taking care of your health and well being, you can actually heal your mind, eradicate your negative thoughts and improve your mood.

Living a healthy lifestyle not only reduces stress but it can also build your mental strength . So, start making conscious efforts not to put your health in jeopardy. Love yourself enough to exercise regularly and pay particular attention to your diet.

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Live in the Now

Thinking about the mistakes you made yesterday or what could have been and worrying about the headaches that await you in your future are not productive habits. In fact, it could destroy your happiness and make your life miserable. When you allow your mind to wander in problems that happened in your past and in problems that haven’t even transpired yet, you will miss out on all the amazing moments that are unveiling right before you.

So, move on from the past and stop planning too much for the future. You have no control over them. Instead, practice living in the moment and focus on what you can do right now to make room for love, joy and peace in your life.

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