Waitress Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime in This Heartwarming Video

By Julie Redwood

If you’ve worked in the food and beverage industry then you probably know how important tips are. Since waitresses don’t make a ton of money then it’s makes receiving tips all that more important.

Cindi Grady was forced to drive to work everyday in a beat-up car that was probably not that safe to drive. With the help of her new friends, Gary and Roxann Tacket, Grady was in for the surprise of her life when they went out and purchased her a new car. Talk about being a true friend!


 According to Cindi, she is now a very happy lady. She says, “running fantastic! I love it.”

What do you think of this story? The generosity of Gary and Roxann shows that human kindness never goes out of style and that life is full of surprises in ways that you least expect it. Have you ever done for someone or received an act of kindess that you would like to tell us about? Please share in the comments below! 


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