Upcoming Entrepreneurs From YouTube

Upcoming Entrepreneurs From YouTube 1
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By Rebecca Johnson

Whoever told this group of entrepreneurs that they couldn’t make money on YouTube when it first launched are all laughing in the face of the people trying to create viral videos on a daily basis.

YouTube has recently opened up it’s partnership ability to the public instead of having to apply for partnership. A couple years ago, YouTube first launched the partnership program where people would have to have a general following of at least 5,000 subscribers and an average of 3,000 views per video to become a partner.

This new development has grown into a world obsessed with creating viral videos. Well, there is a slew of entrepreneurs that have been with YouTube since the beginning when YouTube was just something for fun.

They didn’t have the social skills that were necessary to go out on a daily basis. They found it was easier to entertain themselves by making videos (talking to a video camera) and posting their videos on YouTube.

Now; the core group of successful YouTuber’s have been branching out to create their empire. Let’s go through some of these wonderful women who got their start and audience via online video blogging.

Justine Ezarik

Most people know her as iJustine – Justine Ezarik is one of the biggest female YouTuber’s turned entrepreneur that ever hit the online video market. She went to college to learn more about video producing and graduated in 2004.

When YouTube launched – she knew it would be a smart idea to market her videos to the techy type people. She had an obsession with Apple products and made videos pertaining to Apple/technology. The video that has contributed to all of her fame is her “300 page iPhone bill” which hit 600,000 views in under a week.

She has taken her popularity with the world and used it to boost her entrepreneurial ideas. She is now the host of all technology online shows and the host at all of the expos. On top of that; she is also a video game mogul. She’s modeled and was the voice of a character in the Grand Theft Auto V video game.

She also positioned herself in a position where television shows, movies, online web series, and video games all want her to act in their new projects.

She continues to create videos on all 5 of her channels to keep her “new media star” lifestyle going. She’s just positioned her entrepreneurial spirit in a strategic way [also in numerous facets] so she’ll always be at the top of her game.

Hannah Hart

This amazingly smart YouTuber allowed her genius get the best of her. She hosts a show on YouTube called “My Drunk Kitchen” and has just recently gained attention in 2012. The show is exactly as it sounds. She gets drunk, cooks meals, records her crazy antics, and then uploads it to YouTube.

She’s actually smarter than she sounds. Of course – wouldn’t we all love to get drunk and cook food for a living? She recently launched a crowd funding campaign to tour around to random houses to host the show from their kitchen.

Her goal was to raise $250,000 in 90 days but raised it in under 2 days. The popularity of her show swept the nation and ultimately the world that people were willing to fly her out to their house in Europe or Asia just to host the show from their place.

She has been in talks with The Food Network to work with them to host her own show on national television. All of this happened within the past year and a half. She was honestly just doing the YouTube thing because she was bored but turned into an entrepreneurial breakthrough.

She now has an online store filled with apparel, kitchenware, and other merchandise to where she will soon own an empire as big as Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart… if not bigger.

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