Trying to Get a Distributor for Your New Product? 4 Helpful Tips You Need to Know

Image by: Nina Hale
By Lucy Clara

Now that you have tweaked your product to your liking, how will you get it out there? If you are a new business owner, chances are that you will need to find a trustworthy distributor that makes sure that your new product reaches the shelves so that your merchandise reaches your ideal customers.

Finding the right distributor also depends on the industry that you are in. Other times, where you are located plays a big role on the type of distribution that you need. These days, you may not even need a distributor at all.

The word, “distributor” is used to describe a wholesaler who specializes in collecting products of a certain type. Distributors provide retailers with a wide array of products. In general, the wholesaler is the manufacturer’s customer and finding one requires quite efficient marketing skills on your part.

In some other cases, sales representatives might be needed in place of a distributor in the case that you actually need someone to call on distributors to encourage them to carry your product.

If you plan to spread out the distribution for your product or service, whatever route you choose, here are some ways to make the search easier for you.

#1) Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to market your product to customers, other people that work in the industry and potential distributors. The goal for a trade show is the same as the objective for an industry association-which is to build relationships.

If you create and outstanding exhibit then you’ll have access to many people who you can make connections with. By effectively persuading viable distributors to carry your merchandise, they can help spread the news about your product.

#2) Prepare a Presentation

By presenting a presentation that highlights the positive characteristics of your products, then your business will be on the right path to successful dispersal.

In your presentation, you should illustrate why the distributor should carry your product, making a rough estimate of how much money they stand to make and how it will serve their company’s client base.

A well-constructed PowerPoint presentation combined with a speech or a well thought out lecture will help.

#3) Social Media

Like all business’, you’ll have competition and by checking out their websites you’ll gain more insight as to how to optimize on the best ways to epitomize your success against theirs.

In some ways distribution can work the same way. By visiting a potential distributor’s company website, you’ll be directly guided by useful information as to what the distributor is looking for.

Most company sites, including the distributors’ have a mission statement. Since you are their client, the mission statement will often give crucial hints about how that distributorship is managed. Allowing your company to change the presentation to anticipate and address questions that an individual partner may have.

#4) Communication is Key

Once a line of communication is established, you can offer a free item they can use to test your product against their standard of quality. When a distribution business carries a product, it becomes an extension of their reputation and must be something they can sell to their customers with confidence.

As an owner, you’ll without a doubt, stand behind your product enough to provide free sampling. By testing your product out before it hits the shelves, it gives you the opportunity to prove that your company is popular enough that your products will be constantly in demand.

Distribution is the best way to make sure that your product goes to the places that it needs to go. Without distribution then your sales run the risk of failure, especially if you have a very large business. Fortunately with the help of product distribution, your business can reach it’s goals and success.

Making your mark in the business world with the help of others is what networking is all about. With distribution, half the work is done, it’s simply up to you to make sure that your products are getting to the right places efficiently.

With all the added expenses and responsibilities of owning a business, distribution can seem like a big feat. Do you have a trusted distributor for your business? If so, How you do manage the products  and make sure that they get to the right place? We’d like to know! 

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