Top 5 Reasons Why NOW Is A Great Time For Female Business Owners

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By Josie Alexander

As of late, global crisis (both economic and environmental) has heightened everyone’s interest in entrepreneurship. Why wait for a job to open when you can create your own job. Even those who are working for a corporation, 71 percent of the millennials (those born between 1980-2000) are saving money so that they can eventually have the capital to start-up on their own. 60 percent say that they want to do it within the next two years.

Women own approximately 8 and 1/2 million businesses in the United States, alone. We employ about 7.7 million people, and we make up about 1.3 trillion dollars in sales every year. But even though those numbers have been increasing quickly and steadily every year, only 6.5% of women run businesses received venture capital funding.

Obviously there are still hurtles to jump through if you are a woman trying to venture off “on your own.” There are still barriers that we will have to break down. But that’s what sledgehammers are for. So build up your strength, girls. Our time is now.

#1) We Are Smart

Did you know that women now earn over half of the bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in the world: about 51 percent of doctoral degrees, and about 60 percent of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. We have the knowledge, ladies. We just need to apply ourselves and push through the turbulence.

#2) Employment Opportunities For The Future

Small businesses have generated more than 63% of the new jobs for public since 1995. Over half of the job opportunities available for the public are from small businesses. The jobless rate went down from 8.1 since last year but there are still a lot of people looking for work.

#3) New Opportunities From The Latest Laws And Regulations

Gary J. Gates from the Williams Institute says that he is expecting that same-sex couple will generate about $2 billion dollars for businesses in the wedding industry. For the women out there who are style savvy and who love to coordinate, a wedding planning business could be the way to go. Also, Etsy and other homemade crafts businesses could start booming with more wedding-related merchandise.

Also, we are always on the run and according to EPM Communications, about 55 percent of consumers use foods that are ready-to-eat/easy-to-prepare foods at lunch. That is excellent news for those who are gifted in culinary arts. Healthy, ready-to-eat meals is an excellent market. You could either open your own deli, catering specifically to those who are wanting meals that they can just heat up at the office, or have you considered a meal delivery service?

Those are just two of the opportunities that are based on the latest trends in culture, and the latest regulations that have passed in the United States.

#4) Stay-At-Home Moms

Women are now staying home with their children more and more often. If working with kids has taught me anything, it is that they need good role models at home and some honest-to-goodness family time. But that doesn’t mean that those hard working moms aren’t making money while they are at home.

Online businesses, and home-based businesses are booming now. Online shopping has become a big factor as of the last decade and it is only getting bigger. EMarketer suggests that online consumers will grow from 137 million in 2010 to 175 million in 2016. We’re right in the middle of a fantastic shopping boom.

#5) Work By Yourself

However, if you don’t feel like having employees, recognize that about 75 percent of US businesses are non-employer businesses. That means that 75 percent of those businesses that you shop at (including a number of online stores) don’t have any employees. So if you don’t like the idea of having other people working for you, you can be your own boss and your own employee.

All of these statistics suggest that the small business era is now. We are pioneers and we are creating our own future. There are many reasons why we are choosing to be our own bosses: freedom, the ability to choose our own projects, an unlimited income potential, not to mention control over our own work, products, and services.

Critical pieces of technology that make being an entrepreneur easy are right at our fingertips: Skype, Dropbox, Expensify, etc. All of these productivity tools make it easy for us to stay organized (and most of them are free!).


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