5 Easy Tips For Saving Time In The Morning

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Is your morning routine taking too long? It doesn’t have to, you know? Here are 5 tips for saving time in the morning and getting your day to a better start.

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My day often started like this: Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Roll out of bed. Shower. Breakfast? Hair. Coffee? Work.

No more! Now I get to eat my breakfast and get through my morning without getting stressed out.

You’ve probably promised yourself that you’d wake up a half-hour earlier and get some yoga done, and make yourself breakfast. Maybe you’ve even tried it once or twice, but you got sick of breaking those promises to yourself, so you quit.

Well, it’s time to get the most important meal of the day, some more sleep, and maybe even some yoga time! If you find yourself scrambling to complete your morning beauty routine, check out these five ways to help you stop racing the clock.

Time-saving tips for a stress-free morning

Tip #1:  Shower the Night Before

Many women believe a shower helps them wake up faster. However, this can be detrimental in two different ways.

First of all, when we plan on showering in the morning, it can be more difficult to fall asleep. A hot shower will relax your muscles, and clear your respiratory system. This actually helps you fall asleep faster and can give you a deeper sleep.

Secondly, on those cold days, it is difficult to get out of bed, knowing that your bathroom floor is equivalent to a block of ice, and it will take your shower water a few minutes to warm up to proper temperature. It’s even more difficult considering the fact that you didn’t get a deep enough sleep the night before.

Showering the night before and not in the morning will save you ten to thirty minutes in the morning. That is breakfast, right there! If you tend to sweat a lot in your sleep, just wash your hair the night before, and have a quick rinse to refresh yourself in the morning. This too will save you time.

Tip #2: Hair the Night Before

If you’ve showered and washed your hair the night before, you might as well set yourself up to have a quick hair styling session for the following morning. In the olden days, women set their hair every night.

Let’s apply that concept to the current styles. Women these days are looking for a natural loose wave to give them volume and boost their classiness. A great way to get that look without spending hours on your hair is to braid your hair the night before, while it is still wet.

When you wake up in the morning, go over your braid with a hairdryer to get those waves to stick. You could also re-wet your hair with some water or a heat protectant spray” to ensure that your wave stays with you all day. When you take the braid out, toss on some hairspray, and hit the road!

If you are looking for tighter waves or spirals, use large curlers and wrap your wet hair at an angle. Follow the same steps the next morning as the braid.

Setting your hair the night before can save you up to (and sometimes well over) an hour in the morning. There is another hour of sleep for you or even a little light yoga!

Tip #3: Dry Shampoo

It is in your hair’s best interest not to wash it every day. If you tend to have oily hair, you may disagree. However, a little dry shampoo goes a long way.

Save yourself a little bit of time by ditching the washing and drying routine and incorporating dry shampoo (a talcum spray) in the morning. Not only does this help you save time, it also helps your hair replenish when you avoid stripping it with shampoos and conditioners.

This will save you up to twenty minutes in the morning, and the dry shampoo has the same effect as a washing and drying treatment.

I recommend starting by using dry shampoo every other day. There are some women who can go an entire week using only the dry shampoo, but if you are a beginner, you should definitely see how your hair reacts to it first.

Tip # 4: Stay Organized

MaxGear Pen Holder Mesh Pencil Holder Metal Pencil Holders Pen Organizer Black for Desk Office Pencil Holders, 3 PackMaxGear Pen Holder Mesh Pencil Holder Metal Pencil Holders Pen Organizer Black for Desk Office Pencil Holders, 3 PackMaxGear Pen Holder Mesh Pencil Holder Metal Pencil Holders Pen Organizer Black for Desk Office Pencil Holders, 3 Pack Organization is the key when you want to save time. There are endless products available to you to help you organize your makeup collection. The best of these products can be found in the school supply section.

Go out and buy a few different pencil holders and organize your makeup by colors. For example, you might have the earth-tone eye shadows with the brown liners and brow pencils in one pencil holder, and your vibrant colors in another. Keep your smoky eye kit in a separate box.

Store these boxes under your sink, and choose the colors you want to use the night before to match your outfit.

This is a great way to have everything prepared for you in the morning, and it saves you the time of searching for everything and fumbling around, frustrated in the morning.

You can also do this with your hair products. Before you go to bed, line up your hair and makeup arsenal in the order in which you usually put it on. This will knock a few minutes off of your morning routine. And those minutes really add up in the end!

Tip #5: Get Your Clothes Ready

It may feel like you are going back to elementary school, but laying out your clothes before you go to bed, really does save you time in the morning. It is a great way to get all of your decision-making done when you are not in a time crunch. You can try on different things, and check yourself out in the mirror without checking your watch every fifteen seconds.

Additionally, your decision-making skills might be a little haywire in the mornings, which can cause this “choosing of the clothes” to take more time. This is why it is a great idea to have yourself prepared for the morning with zero worries by picking out your clothes for the day the night before.

Another great time-saving technique is to choose your clothes for the week on Sunday nights. Line them up in the closet in the order in which you are going to wear them.

Choosing your clothes before bed (or before your week starts) is a great way to save up to twenty minutes in the morning.

Bonus tips for saving time in the morning

While the above 5 actions will save you lots of time in the morning, there are other quick things that will help save even more time.

  • automatize your morning coffee with a programmable coffee maker (I love this inexpensive one, and it does a great job)
  • if you work out in the morning, sleep in your workout clothes
  • pack your lunch the night before
  • smoothies for breakfast: it only takes a couple of minutes to make it and you can take it with you. Invest in a good blender, with a self-cleaning mode (I love my red Vitamix!)
  • go easy on the makeup. Natural is beautiful, and you can save makeup for special occasions
  • be organized: have specific sports for things you need every day, and you’ll save lots of time by putting them back in the same place (car keys are a good example of this)

What are some ways you trim your prep time in the morning? Share with us in the comments below!

5 easy tips for saving time in the morning


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