This Woman Shares a Very Important Message About Depression

By Valerie Miller

Depression is an extremely terrible disease. It has many forms, many causes, and effects everyone differently. While there are many ways for people who suffer from it to get help, there is never a guarantee that it will work or for how long. It is a maintenance disease for most people and in order to truly battle back they have to find ways outside of drugs and doctors to rescue the joy lost from their lives.

For this 21-year-old woman, dance was that avenue. Watch as she powerfully dances out what it is like to suffer from her depression as she explains:

“Some days we wake up and we just don’t want to get out of bed. What’s the point? Why do I have to get out of bed to a world that doesn’t feel? But we can feel. We can all feel it. Or can we? Maybe you can, but not everyone is so lucky.”

What do you think about the young girl and her message about depression? Do you or anyone you know suffer from this horrible disease? Please share your experiences with us and tell others about this powerful video!

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