This Video Will Show You How a Song Can Bring about Change

By Valerie Miller

Zach Sobiech passed away from osteosarcoma way before he was able to climb the music charts as a budding young musician.  His song “Clouds”, however, has served the memory of him well as it reached number 3 on the Billboard Rock music charts and sold over 125,00o copies.  The song is beautiful and it’s even more touching when 5,000 people get together to sing it.

The tribute to Zach may have come and gone, but it is a constant reminder that we can all touch the lives of others, no matter how brief our time on this earth may be.

Did you know about this talented young man and how musicians everywhere where performing his song during his battle with cancer?  Tell us how you remember the people who meant the most to you and what you think a lasting legacy you might leave behind could be!  We love when you share!

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