This Pianist Brought Smiles to Passenger’s Faces For His Unplanned Performance

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By Anne Cacherell

Waiting for hours for your flight can be really exhausting but not if there’s some kind of free world class performance to brighten the passengers’ mood in the departure lounge.

The man on the keyboard was 25-year old technical consultant Maan Hamadeh. While looking for the gate to board his next flight at Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport, this Lebanese national saw the piano and became excited about it. So he took the seat and started playing his rendition of Beethoven’s Fur Elise followed by Titanic’s theme song, My Heart Will Go On. Within a minute into his performance, the crowd got completely absorbed in his music and started pulling out their phones and videotaping the impromptu mini concert.

The video garnered over a million views acouple of days after the act was uploaded on Youtube. It has reached 14.5 million hits in October of last year and is still gaining admiration from the netizens all over the world.

It is wonderful to see someone bring smile to others just by playing beautiful music. Aside from pianos, what else do you think they should put in airports to relieve the boredom? Share with us your suggestions.


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