This Is One Boss Who Proves that Giving Is Better Than Receiving

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By Julie Redwood

When learning about the benefits of giving, sometimes we may roll our eyes at the thought of it, but the truth is, when we do good, great things come back to us. Helping out another is what life is all about and when receiving a break in life, it feels good to share the wealth

Tom Barnett, a co-owner of Barnett Management, was recently given the franchise of the year award by Burger King. His dutiful cleanliness and diligence has earned him honors.

Barnett received a 2015 Corvette and a Rolex watch as his prize, but to top it off, he also got a bonus of $120,000. Did he keep the bonus? Certainly not. Instead, he spread the cash to at least 100 members of his grateful staff.

As explained by Fernando Enriquez, one of the owners:

“When there’s good people on top, we’ll almost do anything for them. And we are. And that’s why we ended up on top this year, and for sure we’re going to try and be on top next year, too.”

The bosses kindness extended to his staff serves as an example of an unbeatable achievement.

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