This Is How You Discover Your Brilliance & Let the Radiance Shine Through Every Part Of Your Life

It’s been 3 years now since I left my home country to be with the man I love. However, sometimes I feel a sense of emptiness inside me that’s driving me crazy.

I miss my girlfriends so much! The manicures, the parties, and the spa sessions were all part of the happy memories that I will always cherish.

I remember the time I just got out of a very abusive relationship and was dealing with my insecurities. My ex-boyfriend told me that no one would ever love me again and his words got stuck in my head.

Strong women lift each other up, not tear each other down.

But my friends helped me bring back my confidence by showing up at my apartment unannounced one night, forced me to put on my 5-inch stilettos and dragged me to the club. And when I got a little tipsy, they just let me vent like crazy.

Whenever we felt stressed out at work, we would all go spend almost half the day at the spa having a relaxing soak, chatting inside the sauna, and pampering ourselves.

When one of my friends opened her own business, we were all there to support her. We helped set up the place, decorate, give out flyers, and entertain guests.

The friendship we had was real, rich and loving. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have any other choice right now but to just check their Facebook feeds, reminisce good memories and just have a little chat with them from time to time.

These ladies have been my strength and my sanctuary in many ways and it is because of them that I feel inspired to write about discovering our brilliance and letting our radiance shine through.

Own your pleasure and honor your boundaries.

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and who realizes her self-worth.

Let me clarify. Knowing your value doesn’t mean you have to put yourself up on a pedestal. Aside from being self-assured, it also means that you have to put yourself in the right mind to be open to constructive criticisms so that you can become a better person.

In “9 Non-Sexual Things That Make a Woman Sexy A.F. to a Man,” writer Paul Hudson sites different ways on how real gentlemen appreciate women.

Real men don’t focus much on our physical qualities. What they find more attractive is the way women handle themselves in all situations both good and bad.

It’s all about confidence in our actions; from the way we walk, the way we look at our partners, how we manage our time, how we listen, how we care, and so much more.

But ladies, remember this: It takes the right type of man to recognize your value.

Learn how to take care of yourself and stay grounded especially in difficult situations.

Being mindful in everything you do can result in good decisions and can create positive changes around you.

I was in deep debt before because of my mindless spending and bad money management. However, when I started to feel that it was holding me back from pursuing my dreams and making plans for my future, I began to create a conscious spending plan to achieve financial freedom.

Erica Gellerman provides us with a very interesting way on how to ditch debt for good.

Forgiving yourself is the first step. You may find this a little irrelevant, but when you come to think of it, it actually makes good sense. Self-loathing can distract us from doing what we have to do; so it’s best that we make peace with ourselves first before we move forward.

Understand the real essence of beauty.

True beauty means happiness. It’s those little sensations that you get when you feel the fresh breeze on your face, when you see children playing or when you accomplish something for the day.

It’s all about seeing the meaning of life in its deeper sense through compassion, love, strength and wisdom.

Shel Pink introduces “Slow Beauty,” a practice and a philosophy that helps us appreciate our own spirit more and gives us access to our most beautiful self.

Making time for holistic rituals never fail to put me at my most peaceful state and always makes me feel shiny and new.

Always think and speak for yourself.

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to let other people know what’s on your mind, especially if it could create positive change.

You don’t need someone to think for you, to tell you what you have to wear and what you have to eat. You should learn to be independent and you should always try to make yourself smarter.

Explore new things, information and discoveries like this one – a nanowire battery that could last a lifetime.

This battery can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times without losing its capacity, a characteristic that is similar to you!

Indulge on self-loving moments, appreciate who you are, embrace your weakness and understand that even though some roads on your journey may be dark, you’ll do just fine because you know how to let your brilliance shine.


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