This HIV Positive Poster Hopes to Break the Stigma Of Those Affected By the Disease

By Anne Cacherell

This Poster Determines a Person’s Ignorance About People With HIV

This campaign best explains the tagline, “If prejudice is an illness, information is the cure.”  Launched by Ogilvy Brazil for the NGO Life Support Group (GIV), this advertisement features HIV-positive posters. Yes, you read it right. This brilliant and powerful awareness campaign actually uses HIV-positive blood.

Distributed all over Sao Paolo, each poster contains a drop of blood drawn from an individual infected by the virus. Since the blood is already dry and HIV cannot survive for long outside the human body, the posters are completely harmless.

Ogilvy Brazil’s Chief Creative Officer Aricio Fortes told AgencySpy, “The poster humanizes the problem and brings people together for the cause, showing that it’s possible to live in a prejudice-free society.” He also added, “And this thought is supported by the emotive reactions from people on the streets who read the poster and sympathized with it.”

Do you find this campaign effective when it comes to promoting HIV awareness and understanding? Share with us your thoughts.

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