This Brave Holocaust Survivor Recounts Her Horrific Experience

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By Julie Redwood

Gena Turgel, now 90, is probably one of the strongest people in history.  The woman survived 3 Nazi concentration camps during World War II, including the most notorious, Auschwitz-Birkeanau.

Turgel, only 21 at the time, even remembers being in the gas chambers in Auschwitz‘s. She simply walked out alive. She didn’t even realize what had just happened until a friend told her about it.

Turgel was also held captive at Buchenwald and Belsen concentration camps, where she shared barracks with Anne Frank.


Turgel had to leave her home of Krakow, Poland after it was bombed by the Nazis. She had planned to move to Chicago with her family but they didn’t make it out in time.

Both of Turgel’s brothers lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis.   Her younger sister, who would sleep next to her, was shot when found smuggling food. Turgel was surrounded by so much death at the time, she wears a lot of perfume in order to block out the stench of the dead bodies that still sticks with her.

Listen to Turgel’s deeply emotional story below. 

Something deeply as tragic as Turgel’s sums up the capacity for hate in some people. Tell us what you think of this horrific story and please comment below.


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