4 Things Successful Women Never Forget

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Last night, while I was reading myself to sleep, I came across the inspiring success story of the richest African American of the 20th century, Oprah Winfrey. I learned quite a bit of interesting things about her that made me admire her even more.

Behind her success is a heartbreaking past that made her stronger and wiser. Her family used to live in poverty so bad that she wore clothes made from potato sacks. She was also physically and sexually abused as a child and suffered numerous career setbacks. However, despite all that, Oprah managed to bounce back, transform her career and emerge victorious.

Ladies, downfalls and failures are parts of your path to success. You won’t be able to accomplish anything if you resign yourself to your negativity and self-restricting thoughts. Here are some positive mindsets that successful women maintain to allow them to create a life they truly love.

“Success Comes Only to Those Who Believe in Themselves”

Women who have succeeded in life have high mental toughness. They have the ability to control what goes on in their minds and eliminate the negative voices in their head that trigger self-doubts and insecurities making them highly confident and self-assured.

They always stand out because they value their self-worth. They know what they want, what they deserve and most importantly, they are not scared to walk away if something falls short.  So, if you want to live more confidently, make a conscious effort to love and trust yourself and avoid letting your insecurities get the best of you.

To help you achieve long-term relationship success, here are some ways to become irresistibly confident in the eyes of your man:

• Stop trash-talking other women
• Don’t be clingy by allowing your man to hang out with his friends
• Avoid starting drama for the sake of having the spotlight on yourself
• Tell your guy exactly what you want rather than leaving him guessing as to what he needs to do to get you going
• Grow up by accepting that porn is not a “deal breaker-level” concern
• Respect his privacy
• Feel good naked and love your body

“You Can’t Build A Good Future on Short Term Thinking”

Powerful women run their lives differently by setting long term goals. Although they appreciate the importance of quick wins and quick fixes, they know it will not put  them in the direction that they need to go.

Ladies, when you think long-term, you will reap the benefits of real hard work, understand what it takes to achieve results that matter, become more patient and most of all, you will have a reason to keep going and push yourself to the limits every waking day. So, if you’re really serious about making it to the top, prepare yourself for a successful future by adapting a long-term perspective.

To help you create a plan to achieve your financial goals and live a life of bliss and fulfillment, check this out – “4 Money Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Develop.”

“Celebrate What You Accomplish But Raise the Bar Each Time You Succeed”

Happy, fulfilled and energized women are lifetime learners. For them, learning is never complete, so they always keep their brains active by continually making efforts to improve themselves and to pick up new skills.

So, if you want to be more confident in life and become an outstanding performer, always aim to be something better than what you are now. Remember that the key is to never stop learning. Keep on upgrading yourself, continue bringing something new to the game and always keep trying to get better.

And speaking of learning something new, writer Abigail Keeso suggests these 20 super effective hacks that can greatly improve your health and sense of well-being.

A few months ago, I started incorporating a gratitude practice in my daily routine. I just close my eyes for 10 minutes, bring myself to a quiet place and think of the little things that I’m grateful for, like the comfort of my bed, my healthy kittens, and so much more. This habit not only helps me de-stress, but it also helps me shift my focus from the bad, to the good and wonderful.

“There Is Greatness From Humility”

Women who are great leaders understand that humility saves them from ignorance. They know that the only way to learn and improve is to acknowledge the fact that they are not perfect and that don’t know everything. And like any other human being, they are prone to mistakes, disappointments and pain.

They also maintain a certain level of self-awareness, of their strengths and weaknesses that make them confident enough to pursue what they want and humble enough not to act like a tyrant or feel entitled to some special treatment.

Ladies, when you understand your own limitations and boundaries, you can live a sensible life free from frustrations and a false sense of pride. So, instead of bragging about yourself and your achievements, learn to forego your ego and vanity. Try to be receptive and respectful of the opinions of others and empower them to shine!


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