Thieves Took Their Happiness Away, But This Neighborhood Won’t Give Up That Easily

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By Anne Cacherell

Determination is the ability to stand up and continue fighting every time you fall. The Conkey Cruisers Neighborhood Bicycling Program is known for promoting safe and healthy living in the City of Rochester through hiking, biking and other activities with nature. Unfortunately, in June 2015, thieves took advantage of the organization’s kindness and stole more than 150 bikes and baby carriages from their security trailers in Conkey Corner Park, which left the community members in tears.

Fully determined to fight for the symbol of their freedom and happiness, Conkey Cruisers held a donation drive to the replace the stolen bikes. In a matter of days, the program received over 400 bicycles from concerned neighbors.

In an interview with TWC News, program’s founder Theresa Bowik said, “The Conkey Cruisers net is wide and it’s strong and we just bring people in and we just love them and that’s what we’re getting back.”

Were you inspired by this community’s determination to bring back the symbol of their happiness and freedom? Do you have any advice on how to motivate oneself and overcome frustrations? Share with us your thoughts.


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