Their Public Art Initiative Enlivens New York City Streets

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By Anne Cacherell

Sing For Hope is New-York based non-profit organization that aims to improve people’s lives through the transformative power of the arts.

Included in their wide range of arts outreach programming is The Sing For Hope Pianos Project, which is known to be one of New York City’s largest public art installations of its kind. In this campaign, they bring 88 pianos that are designed by their volunteer artists to parks and public spaces throughout NYC for anyone and everyone to play with. The colorful instruments are displayed for two weeks and are then donated to schools, hospitals and other community-based organizations.

Although this video was published on 2013, the organization’s recent public art initiative runs from June 5-21, 2015. Embarking on its 4th year of the Pianos Project, there’s no doubt that they would continue giving unquantifiable joy to millions of people.

As part of NYC’s wonderful annual traditions, how do you think this initiative positively impacts the lives of people? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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