The Top 5 Mistakes Online Retailers Make

The Top 5 Mistakes Online Retailers Make 1
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By Jessie Marc

Have you ladies been working away at getting your online retail businesses up and running? Even if you’ve been established for a long time, there are a few simple mistakes you may not realize you’re making – they can cost you time and business, so take a look at these five simple things you can do to improve your e-commerce shop and start pulling in more business.

#1) You NEED to Have Social Media Buttons on Every Page

I’ve noticed that while most shops have at least one page that links to their social media pages, a lot of them still don’t have Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest sharing buttons on their product pages. It shouldn’t take your designer more than an hour at most to add social sharing functionality to your site.

Social media is a powerful tool for many reasons, and if you’re a retailer, you can keep an eye on which of your products are getting shared and talked about online. This gives you deeper insight on your target market, and of course it’s going to help get the word out about your brand!

#2) Use Unique, Creative Product Photos

It’s always been helpful to have a product image that really catches the eye, but it’s even more important now. You don’t need a professional photography set up to get a slick look going – even iPhone cameras are capable of taking a decent picture, and a pretty piece of fabric can make a great backdrop for smaller products. Get creative!

Not only will it make your site look cooler – when people pin your products, they’ll have a better chance of catching your audience’s attention when they’re browsing for new material to add to their boards. And remember girls, studies have shown that female Pinterest users are more likely to drop big bucks while shopping online than any other online group.

#3) Stop Keyword Cramming and Get Descriptive

Simply putting a list of keywords on your site used to be the quickest way to build up your search ranking in Google – this is called keyword cramming. Because so many malicious sites started abusing it, Google no longer considers keyword lists when determining where your site should rank – sometimes they actually penalize you for keyword cramming.

The best thing you can do, both for search engine ranking and for sales is to write high quality, fun descriptions for your products. This helps a lot in getting your site closer to being the number one result for your given products, and it gives your customer a much better understanding of what your product is really like. Spec sheets are boring!

#4) Make it User-Friendly

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve given up and switched to the original store’s competitor when I’m shopping online. It’s key to make the shopping and checkout process as quick as possible – every extra page your customer has to go through to place their order is another chance for them to get fed up and shop elsewhere.


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