The Original Hilton Sisters Story of Adversity Will Inspire You


Julie Redwood

No I’m not talking about the Hollywood heiress sisters who graced the cover of virtually every magazine back in the mid 00’s. These Hilton Sisters Daisy and Violet, are joined at the hip and unlike other siblings that go through their rounds of quarrels and competition, later to go their separate ways, Daisy and Violet were born together in Brighton Beach, England.

Rather than seeing this as something that was a limitation in life, they used this trait to their advantage and even had two Broadway plays inspired by them.

Daisy and Violet were born out of wedlock who gave them up  because of their deformity. Prior to that, she would starve them because she was too afraid to feed them.

They were later adopted by Mary Hilton, their mother’s employer at a bar. Mary later began to allow regulars to sneak a peak at the twin’s conjoined flesh for a price, making them popular in Germany and Australia. They later appeared on a Bob Hope show in 1926.

When Mary died, the twins were kidnapped by a new manager until 1931. Edith and Meyer Meyers, their new managers at the time, were also Mary’s daughter and son in-law, who were cruel to the girls, beating them if they didn’t perform. Later, the sisters sued the couple for $100,000.

They later changed their appearance to blonde hair and started in the “The Hilton Sister’s ‘Revue,” a popular vaudeville act.

Violet later fell in love with the man of her dreams,  Maurice L. Lambert, who were denied a marriage license because of their condition. Daisy, then pleaded in court to for her sister’s marriage, but in 21 states the judges ruled it “Immoral” to allow Violet to marry the man she loved.

Together they eventually turned to Burlesque when vaudeville wasn’t as popular, touring drive-in movie theatres. Once that proved not to work, they both worked at cashiers at a grocery store, where they told the manager,

“You only have to pay one of us.”

Towards the end of their life, they made a pact to die together. Daisy died of the flu first, and violet went two days later.

The sisters’ legacy still lives on with shows today such as An American Horror Story as Bette and Dot Tattler, in the episode entitled, Freak Show and in Broadway






What do you think of this unusual story? It’s amazing how they both ended up with the same fate and taking a liking to the same thing, despite being individual people. Their story is also an inspiration that you can aspire to be what you want to be. Tell us what you think!


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