The Mystery & Wonder Of This Blue City Is Recognized as One Of the Most Extraordinary Places In the World

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By Anne Cacherell

One of India’s most popular destinations among international tourists is Jodhpur, also known as the Blue City due to the vivid blue-painted houses that provides a photogenic backdrop to the everyday life of people living around the Mehrangarh Fort. This second largest city of the state of Rajasthan features numerous palaces, forts and temples set in the stark landscape of Thar Desert.




A sanctuary to the aesthetic and architectural traditions of Rajasthan, Jodhpur topped the 2014 list of Lonely Planet’s most extraordinary places in the world.





However, as to why the city was painted blue is still a big question even among the tourist guides in the area. Some said it was ordered by the city’s founder himself, Rao Jodha of Mandore while some argued that the color was associated to the Brahmins, India’s priestly caste. Others speculated that it was due to a chemical used for termite prevention. In conclusion, there may be no way of telling the real reason behind the blue paint but what is really important is the city’s history and cultural identity.



To get a breathtaking overview of Jodhpur, nothing beats going up to the ancient fortress of Mehrangarh Fort. Its high elevation provides an overwhelming look to the lives of its people.




Like an ocean, the city really looks like a reflection of the clear blue skies. Do you know other places in the world that is as extraordinary as this one?

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