Stroll Down Your Past With the Greatest Christmas Presents of the 90’s

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Julie Redwood

Before the takeover of the internet and reality television, the 90’s came up with some pretty cutting edge ideas when it came to toys. Although we might romanticize the era of grunge and alternative music today, there was an innocence that is long forgotten.

Although technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, there were some pretty cool toys that incorporated both electronic and innovative features that was nothing short of fun.

30. Mall Madness


A board game that talks. You can’t get any cooler than that.

29. Gak


This slimy concoction was all the rage when I was little.

28. My Little Pony


Every little girl wanted one of these.

27. LEGO’s


Although these are making a comeback, thanks to the LEGO Movie Franchise, I spent hours building odd structures with my brothers.

26. Crossfire


The commercials for this game was more exciting than The Expendables.

25. Dear Diary


These were supposedly the electronic form of manual diaries. Not only could you write about your secret crush, but you could record messages. It was cool at the time.

24. Easy Bake Oven


Who doesn’t love a half-cooked brownie from a lightbulb?

23. Laser Tag


This was a good first-date idea.

22. Wrestling Buddies


The proportions of these wrestlers is most unsettling.

21. My Pet Monster


These little guys were great for snuggling at bedtime.

20. Skip It


If you were coordinated enough for these, then they made a great way to exercise. If not, then they made useful weapons.

19. Tiger Handheld Games


These nifty devices came in handy during long road trips. Sometimes the screen was too hard to read though.

18. Pokemon


“Gotta catch em all!”

17. Gameboy Color


When these rainbow-hued versions came out. The grey ones were rendered uncool.

16. Moon Shoes


These couldn’t actually send you to the moon, but they could land you in the hospital.

15. Furby


People literally went crazy for these. Now they’re available at CVS for about $14.00

14. Tamagotchi


I had one of these before I got a live pet.

13. My Buddy/Kid Sister


I remember getting My Buddy for Christmas. When Kid Sister had to come along he was old news.

12. Dream Phone


You could spend your weekends chatting up guys that don’t exist or you could talk to a real one. Just sayin’.

11. Care Bears


These cuddly colorful bears were fun to collect.

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Is it just me or did anyone else have a crush on any of them?

9. Talkboy


If Kevin McCallister could fight bad guys and book a room with it, then I had to have it too.

8. Super Mario Bros. 3


If you didn’t like this game, then you’re not a friend of mine.

7. Super Soaker


Lets be real, the bigger these were the better. If you had the latest addition that came with like a gallon of water then you basically owned the neighborhood.

6. Disman


These CD holders eventually replaced cassette tapes which were a pain to rewind.

5. Cabbage Patch Kids


Sure, they were adorable, but wasn’t it just a tad bit weird that so many babies were being grown on a farm?

4. Teddy Ruxpin


This talking bear was basically a tape recorder, but it was so cool seeing him sing to Groove is in the Heart.

3. Super Nintendo 


it it wasn’t enough to just have the regular Nintendo. When these babies came out, the old addition was rendered trash.

2. Power Wheels


You were easily the coolest 5-year old on the block if your parents bought you one of these.

1. Nintendo 64


These came after the Super Nintendo and with the added racing features in video games, you could do flips on a speed boat or race Luigi in Mario Kart.

There you have it! 30 Cool Christmas gifts from the 90’s. If you know someone who could use being a kid again, or you would like to teach your offspring that there was a world before smartphones, then I highly recommend that you gift them one of these.

What about you? Were you a 90’s child? What were some of your favorite toys and games growing up? Please tell us in the comments below!

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