The Execution Of Tire Marks Makes This Girl’s Message to Her Dad Out Of This World

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By Julie Redwood

Normally notes of love and courage are sprawled out on a piece of paper and sent to the ones we love. However, if your father is an astronaut who happens to be gone for extensive amounts of time, you might have to get his attention another way.

Stephanie’s dad is an astronaut, making it virtually impossible to reach him, by phone, by mail or other usual ways of communication. With the assistance of 11 Hyundai Genesis and NASA, her note meant more than simply shooting for the stars.


Hyundai used a group of cars to help create the image above, which could also be seen from outer space. Using tire marks on Delamar Dry Lake, the words spanned over 59,808,480.26 square feet causing a new  Guinness World Record for the “largest tire track image.”

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