The Couple In This Video Are Proof that Love Only Gets Better With Age

What a Wonderful WelcomeWhat a Wonderful Welcome! Ed Zamora surprised his wife of 33 years Melody this afternoon upon arrival at Austin-Bergstrom. Melody was returning home from a two week trip to Spain. Ed showed up in Bag Claim with flowers in one hand and his trumpet in the other. When his wife stepped foot on the escalator, Ed took a deep breath and serenaded her all the way down by playing their song, “What a Wonderful World!” And that’s what you call, a wonderful welcome! Ed & Melody, thanks for sharing your special moment with us! And welcome home Mrs. Zamora!

Posted by Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

By Valerie Miller

This is a clip that shows how strong love can be no matter how old it may get. Ed Zamora recently went to the airport in Austin, TX to pick up his wife Melody who was returning from a two week trip to Spain. And after 33 years of marriage, he knew that showing up empty handed was a bad move.

That’s when he had the awesome idea of providing a little welcome music for the woman he loves as she wearily found her way through the airport. Watch the clip to see the touching moment when Melody finally arrives home in her husbands arms.

What a guy! It just goes to show you that even after decades of being with a person, a little time away makes the heart grow fonder. What a great way to show his wife how much he missed her by breaking out the old horn! What do you think about the couples airport reunion? Has anyone ever welcomed you home in grand fashion? Please tell us your stories and share this awesome one with your friends and family!

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