4 Ways to Streamline Your Life

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I was single for 4 years before I met my husband. Needless to say I was very independent and used to doing things my way. So, when he came on to the scene and started “interfering” with how I operated my life, I felt like my freedom was  being violated.

So, I confronted him about it. As it turns out, he’s got skills in explaining himself in a very calm manner, making me feel so stubborn and sorry for my actions. In short, he made me realize that he was just trying to help make my life easier.

Fine! I listened to his suggestions and to be fair, though I really didn’t believe that his ideas were better, I still gave them a shot, for showmanship purposes. Surprisingly, his suggestions worked and I was able to finish my work faster. From then on, I started being a little more receptive to his ideas and in turn, we had less arguments in our relationship.

Streamlining your life doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong. It’s just about adopting new practices and habits that can make your life simpler, more efficient and effective.

Create Baby Goals Everyday

Engaging yourself in daily goal setting can make your day a little more exciting and fulfilling. It’s like setting yourself up for small daily wins so that every waking morning can help you avoid creative slump and mental burnout.

Start a nice conversation with the new girl in the office and make a new friend. Meditate for 10 minutes before you hit the shower or before you go to bed at night. You can also challenge your thought process by trying to do things differently. Instead of ordering your usual Caramel Macchiato beverage, get Dark Cherry Mocha. Doing these things can positively impact the way your mind works and enhance your ability to produce good work.

In addition, since the goals are easy, you can make steady progress, and at the end of the day, you can always look forward to celebrating your small victories.

Revisit Your Diet Plan

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you want live healthy, it’s best to go easy on yourself so as not to get easily overwhelmed and maintain your momentum. Rather than immediately jumping into a very strict diet, you can start eliminating one unhealthy habit a week and start replacing it with a healthy one.

A couple of months ago, I started removing coffee from my breakfast because I was experiencing some palpitations and having a hard time sleeping at night. So, I decided to replace it with fruit and herbal tea. It wasn’t easy because I’ve been drinking coffee since I knew myself. It took me a little while to really get used to the taste, but after some time, I became perfectly fine with it. Now, my mornings are not complete without it.

And speaking of healthy, have you ever heard of the Smart Alkaline Diet? By drinking alkaline water, converting to a more plant-based diet, and by eliminating dairy, meat and sugar from your diet, your body will be able to maintain an ideal pH level. This aids in the neutralizing of constant acid generation, increase of nutrient absorption, and significantly reduces your risk of cancer.

Make Time to Celebrate Your Relationships

Sometimes, you get so preoccupied with your self-imposed obligations and ambitions that you tend to create distance and disconnection from the people that truly matters in your life. Though it may not be intentional on your end, it can cause serious complications and damages to your relationships.  So, make time to acknowledge and appreciate the people who add meaning and purpose to your life.

To strengthen your connections, check out Helen Hodgson’s intimacy-boosting rituals.

I believe that the power of touch can help you connect with your partner on a more passionate and deeper level. It can significantly reduce stress, relieve respiratory issues, reduce frequency of headaches and strengthen your immune system.

Reserve a Day to Embrace Solitude

Whether you running your own business or hustling from 9-5, regardless if you’re still single or have kids, you need to take a break. I know that life is filled with personal relationships that make you happy, inspire you and motivate you into becoming a better person.

However, any type of constant interaction such as spending time with your friends, attending to the needs of your family, or having constant quality time with your significant other can sometimes become a draining job. I am not advocating that you become anti-social, of course, not. But, it is necessary that you that you find some alone time to keep the balance in your life.

Try to go a day without texting or calling your friends, travel solo or just pamper yourself by going to a spa or getting a dental check-up. Having some alone time can make you more productive and can help improve your relationships.

According to writer Tony Robinson, when you learn to enjoy solitude, you also will experience these amazing things:

• Get to recharge and have time for some self-reflection
• Have more freedom to do the things that you actually want to do
• Feel more confident and independent
• Learn to trust your instincts and make decisions without looking for validation

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