Use the Stories that Define You As a Woman to Inspire Your Career & Your Search For Real Love

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Why is today such a great day? Well as much as I love a good Super Bowl and half time show with Coldplay, Beyonce, AND Bruno Mars, it will be nice to have a boyfriend on Sundays again.

I’m not sure if you watched the game at all or saw any of the only OK commercials this year, but even if you didn’t there is still a great lesson about business to be learned. Just how important it is to have a good story to sell your product. Your story, and the inspiration for all those other stories yet to be told.

  • Learn how to craft a narrative for your business venture that will connect with people and get you the attention you deserve
  • Then listen to this woman’s story who turned her dreams of being a princess into a pretty awesome reality
  • Find out if you are an “ambivert” and what the advantages are to being both an extrovert and an introvert
  • Take a look at a self-love campaign that spotlights the importance of mental health and will have you feeling pretty good about yourself
  • And if you have ever wondered why a real man is not intimidated by a strong woman, this is why

Nine years ago I took off from pursuing my own career goals to help my parents run a restaurant they bought in the middle of nowhere. It was always my mom’s dream to own her own place, and so I of course would do all I could to help.

Never could I have imagined that it would provide me with one of the most valuable experiences of my life, while also costing my parents’ so much money.

What did I learn? Well, it was more of what I learned about my mom that taught me the bigger lesson. She never really wanted a restaurant, or to connect with people, she just liked to cook for them. Her passion was not her dream and eventually they closed shop.

I realized that in order to be successful in business, the story that defines your business must be the story that defines you. Be relate-able, be unique, and use your history, your hardships, your inspirations, and your experiences to help you craft that story.

Once you are able to provide a compelling narrative for others to connect with, they will be more likely to care about you and what you are doing.

Take it from 25-year-old Sarah Ingle, who is living out her dreams of being different Disney princesses. She makes all of her own costumes and has spent nearly $14,000 so far to create each one.

It even spurred Ingle to start her own company with her boyfriend called Princess Ever After where she charges about $145 for an appearance at children’s birthday parties and events. She also visits children in the hospital and performs other volunteer work while dressed as one of the many princesses.

That’s how you take a dream and turn it into something you get to do every day ladies!

Now, do you remember how I said my mom had no desire to connect with people when she bought a restaurant? It’s because outside of family, she is an extremely shy person. Bad for business mom.

Introverts have their place in the business world and so do extroverts. So what about those chameleons in the middle who can adapt to both personalities?

They’re called “ambiverts” and you might be one if you can mix and mingle at a function or party on Saturday night and then spend all day Sunday perfectly content with never getting out of your pajamas.

To me that sounds like a woman with a balanced life!

It has to with adapting to life’s situations and a good majority of your career and your life is going to depend on whether or not you can do that.

To help you get some good vibes going as you learn what mix of ambivert you are, check out what the acceptance movementis and be inspired to look even further into yourself.

By removing any and all judgement, ask yourself what you love most about yourself and write everything down that comes to your mind. Chances are that those are the things others love most about you too and they will help you to complete that story of yourself we have been working on.

And when you find a man who loves those things about you, that’s the one you may want to consider keeping. As writer Blair Thill discusses in her piece, Why A Real Man Isn’t Intimidated By A Strong Woman, you will find out that it’s because he wants your success as much as you do.

No man who feels threatened, jealous, or insecure when it comes to who you are as a woman, is worth your time ladies.

End of story!

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