Stop Sabotaging Your Life By Trying to Fix the Wrong Things: Do This Instead!

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Do you know someone who thinks that they should always do everything perfectly? It’s like they can’t stand to see a tiny little mess out of the corner of their eye and just a small bit of clutter makes them super uneasy.

My roommate is a recovering perfectionist. She used to be bothered by simple things and got easily distracted by small stuff. She was religious about always putting our stuff away exactly where it belonged and she had to do her daily routine the same way every day.

In her world, everything needed to be in its place and there was a place for everything, or else she wouldn’t be able to function normally.

Agonizing over little details and setting unrealistic expectations starts a downward spiral.

The more we try to fix everything around us to adhere to our strict standards can make us miserable inside out.

You might be wondering what my roommate’s wake-up call was to mellow down and become a little easier on herself and on others. Well, it was when her boyfriend asked for a timeout from their relationship.

In “This is Why There’s No Such Thing As a Winner In Any Breakup,” writer Alexandra Mullane explains that “winning” doesn’t always mean that you’re totally over it or you’re any happier.

I think that “winning” just makes it harder for a person to move on completely. The “victory” is temporary and short-term.

Also, love is not about getting or about having. It is all about giving and putting your partner’s happiness over yours. So, whenever you find yourself in a big argument with your BF or your husband, remember that you have a choice: you can choose to win or you can decide to be happy.

Ladies, achieving perfection is synonymous with sabotaging your life and your happiness.

Go easy on yourself. Life is not about feeling positive and confident every single day. It’s normal to have good days and bad days. It is okay to feel crappy from time to time.

Entrepreneur Jim Joseph has some good insights in his piece “No One Should Feel Guilty About Jumping Off or For Staying On at a Job. Me, I Jumped!”

Choosing a completely unknown career path over a safe and predictable one was terrifying for him. However, as a result, he learned about himself more and become happier in his life – something that he said he would “never trade for the world.”

Don’t feel guilty whenever you take risks or make mistakes. It takes a tough soul to search and find what you really want in your life.

So, just live the best life that you can. Don’t set the bar too high because that only takes away the fun and results in more disappointments.

Last year, I was hospitalized after I went on a crash diet. A friend of mine and I were planning to go on an island vacation and I felt pressured to look good in a bikini. I only had 3 weeks to prepare so I just ate crackers, apples, and bananas.

Two weeks later, I had really bad stomach pains. Turned out, it was acid reflux. We still went on our trip but I ended up not enjoying it that much because my doctor put me on a limited diet.

Life is all about having flaws here and there. Our imperfections make us real and authentic.

In “Why Losing Weigh Isn’t Always a Good Thing,” writer Bethany Cleg explains how we could be setting ourselves up for failure whenever we try to lose weight.

Achieving better health and having a smaller frame are two different things. It’s good to be realistic when setting goals so we won’t end up destroying our body in the process.

Working on aligning all aspects of our lives is just a total waste of time.

Nobody has it together all the time. You can’t avoid bad hair days and you can’t do anything if there’s a heavy traffic ahead. It’s normal to feel bad about it, but don’t get stuck on the negative feeling. So after you having your moment, make sure that you get it out of your system and move on.

We are not perfect and we will never be.

So, to help you get yourself together, here’s a good read by Danielle Fagan“How to Get Unstuck and Start Living Your Own Purpose.”

Don’t get yourself trapped always trying to control things and being high-strung. Give yourself a break and loosen your grasp a little.

Ladies, let me make it clear. There is nothing wrong in trying to improve yourself. What is not right and not helpful is when you always think that there is something wrong with you. This kind of mindset only stops you from growing and from really enjoying life to the fullest.

Sometimes, we just have to learn to laugh at our mistakes and be more mature by not judging ourselves over small things.


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