Stop Feeling Pressure to Succeed Instead Of Anticipation, Learn to Re-Group & Let Your Experiences Guide You There

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By Rose Vance

You know ladies, there’s a lot of ways to tell when you are ready enough, strong enough, and informed enough to handle all of life’s challenges and make your dreams a reality. But sometimes the pressure to stay motivated and on track comes in conflict with your ABILITY and NEED to just live your life. Sometimes it’s just not the right time.

It’s not ALWAYS easy to please a boss, build your own business, maintain relationships, religiously workout, and fit in the thousand other things you have to do morning, noon and night. So in case you have been feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure these days, I have some news you need to hear.

  • First of all, you definitely want to read this article on how to once and for all stop feeling like you have fallen behind in life
  • And find out if you possess any of the most important characteristics needed to see your vision through any tough times
  • Then you can discover how to channel your anger into creativity for the benefit of, everything really
  • Did you ever wonder if being single might actually be better for you right now? See some ways it just might

Its true ladies, the internet is guilty of breaking down life qualities and skills into neat little lists and how to’s galore. But one female writer has a bone to pick with what she feels like those lists fail to recognize and that is, “You change when you want to change.”

Jamie Varon elaborates on that in her piece, To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind In Life, and explains how you can’t force inspiration and you can’t fake motivation.

It’s important to remember that even though you might feel like you are doing everything in your power to make something happen, it could just be that the timing is not right.

About LIFE Varon says, “Yeah, it teaches you things and sometimes makes you go the long way around for your biggest lessons.” In other words, you have to “give yourself permission to be a human being” and “put in place healthy habits…that foster growth” until everything lines up for you.

It’s not about just putting things off because you can’t get to them, rather it’s you consciously working through stages in your life that are going to better prepare you for success.

Those stages often present scenarios, situations, and unfortunate real life events worse than Lemony Snicket’s mind could dream up. Congrats! Because having been tested by them all, you gain an awful lot of experience that increases your GRIT level ladies.

In writer Travis Bradberry’s article 11 Signs You Have the Grit You Need to Succeed, you will get a chance to compare how well you can handle a variety of tough tasks when it comes to possessing that little extra something in the way of success.

Things like, being able to make a mistake, shake it off, and get back to trying without missing a step. Or putting in the hard work that gets you little in return AND having the patience to know it will pay off.

The one that can be really tough is being kind to people even when they are rude and nasty. Your instinct is to probably cuss them out, but we all know you can’t do that. It takes a trained pro at life to be the bigger person and not let another’s negativity to drag you down.

That’s why if you ever struggle with anger issues, you might be interested to know how you could use it as a source of creativity. Writer Azriel ReShel explains How to Turn Anger Into Creativity by welcoming the much needed emotion into your life when it does show up.

Just because anger is mainly associated with bad stuff, does not mean you can’t control it and understand it in a way that allows you to be more creative in designing a solution or coming to terms with what is causing it.

Unless that source of anger is from a cheating man. Then it might be a little harder to sit down and invite the anger in for tea as ReShel points out in a very unique illustration of how you can create a positive experience out of such a negative emotion.

And if indeed a cheat is the cause for anger, especially when you have been holding on to it (STOP THAT!) then you’ll be glad to know that staying single for a while could be the best thing for you right now.

Rachel Gillett outlines 7 ways being single influences your success like how it can actually make you more social and allow you the freedom and time you need to building lasting success.

That way, just how we learned earlier that certain things take time, you will be ready for a serious relationship when it arrives.


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