Step Up Your Business Relationships With These 8 Tips For Writing Impressionable Thank You Notes

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Image by: Ana Liza
By Alexa Hughes

Showing your gratitude in written form can make a huge difference in your business. Connecting with customers at a more personal and deeper level can be one of the best ways to keep customers coming back and also encourage them to suggest your services to their friends.

While communicating over social media is great (and invaluable) to business, it does come off as a little less personal. Sending some of your thank you notes in the mail can make a huge impact and set you apart from your competitors. Here are some ways to step up your thank you note game and make them unforgettable.

#1) Get Personalized Stationary

Getting some stationary made that is branded to your company will make a huge impact when it is received. It is so intentional and planned that it is obvious that you mean what you say when you send it. It feels pointed and not random or like an afterthought of a thank you. It also looks very professional as a way to showcase the seriousness of your brand.

#2) Send It For Unexpected Reasons

Of course sending out a thank you note around the holidays or something makes sense, but try to think of some more creative reasons why you might have a thank you. Maybe you just hired a new employee and it feels like the right time to send out a thank you for your continued support card.

If you got a meeting with someone who could be a great asset to your career in some way, thank them for taking the meeting in the first place and mention specifically what you got out of it.

#3) Add Personal Details

To make a thank you note stand out it should be personalized to the recipient. If it looks obvious that you just mass mailed thank you cards to everyone in your address book it is not quite as meaningful. Besides just addressing each one individually, add some personal details. Tell them what you appreciate about them or reference the work you have done together.

#4) Write By Hand

It can be a little time consuming to hand write thank you notes but that is the point. It means that the time investment means something to you, and it also means that you aren’t mass printing them out. Hand writing gives you the time to think about what you want to say to each individual person. Of course take your time and maybe invest in some fancy pens so that they look nice. This should not be a hurried practice.

#5) Be Prompt 

If you are sending a thank you card for a specific thing that the other person did for you, make it prompt! It shows focus and sincerity to have the card arrive while the event is still fresh in their mind. If it comes a couple weeks later they might not really understand the relevance and feel like they sit low on your list of priorities. A tardy note really conveys that message.

#6) Think Of the In Between People

It might seem obvious to send a thank you note to someone who just helped you seal a huge deal, but did you think about the person who made the initial introduction for you? Consider the smaller links and bridges within your business relationships that could end up being used again and again. Those can be some of the most important relationships to respect.

#7) Consider What Is Worth a Thank You

In business most of the gifts that you get are going to come in the form of time, energy, commitment, advice, or help with something. Really there is nothing too small to be worth a thank you card if it truly helped you. Don’t feel shy about reaching out to people over small things, think about how moved you would be to receive a thank you card for simply making an introduction. You would be more inclined to remember those people and probably to help them out again.

#8) Be Authentic

The last thing you want to do with thank you cards however is be inauthentic about it. If you send an overzealous thank you for something that could be perceived as sucking up, that isn’t going to be as helpful. Use your inner gauge to tell if you really mean it or if you are just trying to make a good impression, and then figure out the appropriate balance given the situation at hand.

Do you send out thank you notes in your business practice? Let us know if you plan to start or if you have any more tips for making them unforgettable!

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