Feeling Like You’ve Lost Your Way? Get Back On the Right Track By Learning to Find Your Life Balance

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By Vanessa Green

When I was still in the 9-5 grind, money was better. I could afford to buy all the things that I needed and still have some excess for savings and for some luxuries, like getting the latest gadgets, dining out at expensive restaurants, and having weekly spa treatments. So, I would bury myself in work without realizing that my life had become out of balance.

And then one night, I couldn’t sleep because I felt empty and unfulfilled inside. I thought of my family and my friends and started to feel guilty about the many birthdays, reunions and holiday celebrations that I’ve missed because I chose to earn money rather than spend time with them on those special occasions.

So, when I reported for work the following morning, the first things that I did was file a one-week leave to make up for the lost time with my family and friends and most importantly, to find myself again and figure out what was causing the void in me.

Ladies, here are some indications that you are on the wrong path to your destiny and how you can find your way back.

You’re Making Time For the Wrong People

When you’re on the wrong path, everything around you seems wrong. You feel that the world is out to get you when in fact, it’s just telling you to re-examine your life and fight for what you deserve.

In love, for example, it’s hard to be happy when you keep making time for the wrong people. You trust and worry about someone who doesn’t know your worth, doesn’t care about your funny, crazy and stupid stories, doesn’t even remember your birthday or any special events in your life, cannot commit in a monogamous relationship with you, doesn’t laugh at your jokes and doesn’t treat you as a priority.

Girl, you’re too fab to love someone who doesn’t love you back. So, don’t ignore the signs! Make time for the right people – those who would give you the love that you truly deserve and who would support you, rain or shine.

You’re Not Doing the Things That You Love

It’s hard to be content and happy when the things that you’re doing and the things that you want to do are not in alignment. Time moves slow when you’re not doing what you love. You feel that you’re working hard but not really getting anywhere or making any progress. You have a lot of unfinished tasks and always have a lot of excuses as to why you can’t complete what you’ve started.

When you don’t like your job, for instance, reporting to work every single day is a struggle. You wouldn’t really care if you showed up late, you complain constantly, and generally loathe everything about how your office looks, acts, and functions. You get easily affected and extremely bothered by little things, like not getting a parking space or whenever the office pantry runs out of free coffee or paper towels.

On the other hand, when you’re doing things that excite you, it’s easier to push through difficult times because your passion for your quest will give you the patience and strength for all the work required to succeed. To work ungodly hours on tedious tasks will not be a problem because you’re in love with your work. So, ladies, design a life that you are passionate about so you’ll never have to work a day again.

You’re Always Sick & Stressed

Your body is an extension of your thoughts and emotions. When your mind thinks that you’re on the wrong path, your body suffers from distressing conditions like anxiety, depression, heart problems, eating disorders and so much more.

According to writer Gretchen Lidicker, there’s a fascinating and strong connection between mental states and their physical manifestations. So, if you’re getting sick all the time despite eating right and exercising regularly, perhaps you might want to consider the idea that you have lost your way and that you have to do something to get back on track.

Your Life Lacks Meaning & Purpose

When you’re not in pursuit of the things that matter most to you, you feel empty and lifeless. There’s a void inside you that can’t be filled by just keeping yourself busy; taking a short vacation and spending time with your loved ones can do a great deal to help you get back to you. Also, you are not excited to wake up every morning and face the day. You feel miserable and purposeless.

When deep inside you feel that something needs to change, you should take time to look inside yourself and find where your intuition is trying to direct you. Don’t suppress it or ignore it because when you do, you will never understand the meaning of your existence and you will always end up getting what you don’t want out of life.

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