She Deserves 12 Million Thanks For Her Lifesaving Innovation

By Julie Redwood


Sao Paulo Brazil isn’t exactly what the media likes to portray it as- glitzy cityscapes with luxurious homes, filled with glamorously exotic locals. Although it does exist, what television shows and magazines won’t show you are the slums, or favelas, the parts that people like to turn a blind eye to. The parts of the world where living everyday is a struggle because of a lack of one precious resource called H2O. Or water.  When panned up against reality the poorer areas look a little something like the photo below.


As an America, it’s difficult to imagine a world without water. We hear the rhetoric all the time, and for good reason. It’s because we are losing water.  We should stop wasting water, and the earth is losing it’s fresh water. It’s true, but the impact is much greater in communities such as these.

Despite those numbers, one woman is going above and beyond to change that for her city. With the use of rainwater, she is able to provide enough water for people, who need it most. Although we all need it, these towns cannot get access to it like they should, so she provides a solution.

Although mosquitoes and other critters might get trapped along the way, she has an inventive technique that will filter the water so that it becomes drinkable. As onlookers observe, she utilizes a pipe to collect the water, attaching a filter that cleans it out and helps to keep creepy crawlies away, making it healthier for you.

Here is how she captures and cleanses rainwater, in 4 simple steps.






Thanks to her unique way of thinking, the people of Sao Paulo can have more of the very thing that sustains life– Clean drinking water. Now, That’s something to raise our glasses to!

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