She Celebrated Their Anniversary By Giving Her Husband a Gift He’ll Never Forget

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By Julie Redwood

Statistics show that marriages end in divorce over 50% of the time . Although the term ‘Till death do us part” doesn’t quite have the same meaning as it used to, some people still take it seriously.

Other than the facts, marriage has it’s upsides too, which is why we are showing you this video.¬†Glamwithoutgluten¬†decided to surprise her husband for their anniversary. Due to work-related issues, neither of them were able to get the day off to celebrate their day of love. Rather than skipping their special day, she decided to celebrate it her way.

She got into her wedding dress, complete with their favorite song playing and simply waited by the door for her husband to come home. It’s simple, but incredibly heartwarming.

Perhaps this video will inspire you to create your own unique wedding anniversary celebration. Please comment below!


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