Shake Things Up By Getting Your Wardrobe Spring Ready With These 7 Tips

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By Krista Michaels

Technically spring has sprung even if you’re still waiting for the sunshine and flowers to start shining through what’s left of winter, but it’s a perfect time to start looking for new styles to update your wardrobe. Here are some of our favorite picks from both fashions and beauty for the season this year.

#1) Statement Eyeliner

Eye pencils are making a comeback in a big way, and black is the color du jour. Eyeliner in a pencil format gives you a little more freedom to go outside of the lines in a good way. (Less messy than liquid liner.) This year we saw a lot of pencil black eyeliner on the spring runways in shapes from cat eyes to smudged smoky eyes.

To make it a part of your own spring look, be sure to go easy on the lip color to let your eyes be the centerpiece of the look. Statement eyeliner can go with pretty much any outfit however, from casual to night out.

#2) Denim

Denim never really goes out of style but sometimes it’s in more ways than just your average jeans. The spring runways showed off some other ways to wear denim, including denim dresses, matching sets of jeans with denim jackets, and embellished jeans. Some of this you probably already have in your closet so definitely pull it out and see what sort of new outfits you can make with it.

Look for denim in new shapes that you don’t already own as well. Keep your skinny jeans, but look out for slouchy drawstring denim pants as well.

#3) Crop Tops

Crop tops have been in style again for a while now, but this spring you can expect to see a lot of them because they aren’t going anywhere. Crop tops are perfect for when the weather starts to warm up because you scan find them with any sleeve length. A long sleeved crop top is still going to give you plenty of coverage when paired with a fitted midi skirt or shorts on the weekend.

Be on the lookout for dresses with illusion crop top panels to switch up the look a bit. If you’ve been rocking the casual crop top, maybe experiment with bringing in a ladylike version in a different material and cut to add some more diversity and options.

#4) Lace Details

One trending item you can expect to see a lot of this spring is clothes with some pops of lace detailing. It might be layered, paneled, or just on the sleeves. Lace is a cute way to add a feminine touch to your outfit, but it can also look plenty sassy depending on how it’s styled.

#5) Maxi Dresses

The boho style is rearing its head up again for spring and it’s bringing lots of long, flawy dresses with it. The 70’s style is also in for spring so some of this might crossover with the boho. If you already have some favorite boho dresses definitely pull them out. If you’re on the hunt, look for one that floats instead of being skin tight and then pair it with beach waves in your hair. This look is all about the movement.

With the 70’s influence you can expect to see a lot of purple, greens, and mustard yellows making an appearance. If you have a fringe bag somewhere it your closet it might be time to pull it out again.

#6) Proper Looks

The spring runways also had lots of proper “good girl” type looks going on. Picture buttoned up sweater sets. There was also a lot of gingham at play which falls into this trend, as well as sheath dresses which are basic in the best way. The differences in how they look on different people is how they’re styled, like maybe consider throwing on some platform heals with the sheath dress of buying gingham in a sassy crop top. Blending spring styles might be the best way to approach it anyway.

#7) Floral

The floral print is going to be everywhere for spring and most people a few floral pieces tucked away already. You might see it on this maxi and sheath dresses, or you might even see it on some of the denim. To stay looking like an adult while you’re rocking floral print make sure that it flatters your body properly and isn’t too oversized or ill fitted. You want to avoid looking like someone else dressed you. From there all you need to do is add your usual makeup look and you’re good to go.

Do you feel prepared for the spring season with what you’ve got in your current wardrobe or do you feel like you need to do a major shopping spree? Let us know if you planning on trying out any of these looks!

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