5 Simple Self Love Techniques For Women

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There’s no better time to start being kind to yourself than right now.Why let your chance for love and happiness pass you by? Here are some simple but effective self love techniques for women like you and me. Let this year be your best!

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Simple Self Love Techniques For Women

1. Surround yourself with people that will lift you up

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When I was 23, I was horribly miserable. Surrounded by “friends” who only wanted to take advantage of my gentle nature, I was exhausted trying to keep up with their demands.

I just lost my job, I didn’t have any savings in my bank account and I didn’t have any sense of direction in life. That same year, I met the man who changed my life forever.

He became my inspiration and from then on, good things started happening. I got a new job, got promoted after 6 months and sorted out my finances. I did so many things that I never thought were possible before then.

Life is full complications and problems. Unfortunately, you will never run out of problems; they will always keep on coming and there’s nothing that we can do to stop them.

However, you have the power to change your environment. Associate with people who are positive, and whose great outlook in life will  inspire you to be better.

2. Forgive yourself

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Mistakes happen. Learn from them and move on. You have to forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Give yourself a chance to make things right and be happy.

Our flaws are what make us unique and real. While you battle your hardships, you are in your truest character. THAT is the reason you’ll attract a good man – one that sees you in your truest, purest and un-corrupted self.

And that’s what true love is about: learning to see our partner’s imperfections perfectly.

And bear this in mind ladies; there’s nothing more stupid than giving up or letting go of the only opportunity in life that is worth living for – LOVE.

I think everything we do in this life should be founded in the notion of being kinder to ourselves. It’s really quite a simple principle that can make life a little easier to live each and every day.

So to help you make a positive change and develop more love and kindness towards yourself, here are some additional tips that you can start doing today.

3. Re-frame your challenges and allow yourself to grow

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Neutralize negativity in your life by acknowledging your capacity to do whatever it is that makes you happy.

If you feel that you’ve already outgrown your current job, seek other alternatives by having an open an honest conversation with your boss about the possibility of new projects.

After discussing your options and still your company doesn’t give you new opportunities for self-growth, then by all means pack up your workspace, explore the outside world and move on to greener pastures.

Changes and new challenges make you tougher.

It gives you a chance to improve yourself and learn something new. So, embrace it and be grateful for the opportunity to keep on growing. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just be thankful for the struggles that you are blessed enough to have.

4. Tap into your inner courage and channel it to project more confidence and authority

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Start paying more attention on how you frame your mind, what you tell yourself and how you express yourself to other people. The way you communicate tells so much about your personality and can impact the way you are perceived by others.

To help you increase your sense of authority and self-confidence, check this out – Girl on Purpose: How to Help Your Girl Build Self-Confidence and Do All That She’s Meant for in the World

Negative words and phrases like “just”, “I am no expert, but…”, “I can’t” and “What ifs…” make you sound weak, defensive, apologetic, unsure and incapable.

To make stronger statements, you should try to be more straightforward. Rephrase your statements into something more positive and observe formality by refraining from using unnecessary emojis and exclamation marks.

5. Nourish yourself

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Support yourself with healthy essentials like good food, exercise and enough rest to increase your physical and emotional strength.

Take good care of yourself by providing your mind, body and soul with everything it needs to live longer and happier.

Also, invest in things that help you live a better life, such as being more mindful and being kind to others.

When you choose to spend your life worrying about your future and regretting your past, you will always be lost and you will never figure things out. Mindfulness and learning to live in the present moment help you become more stable emotionally, physically and spiritually.

By Anne Cacherell

5 simple self love techniques for women

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