See What These Kids Come Up With When Asked to Complete a Sentence Starting With “I Will”

AM I will
Image by: Scott Swigart

By Julie Redwood

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple declaration to become the person that we want to be. In a project, entitled, “I Will”, students are directed to make their bold statements to the world of what they will become when they grow up. They aspire to inspire with hopes and dreams, like the rest of us.

The artist who began the project, Viktorija Vaišvilaitė Skirutienė, describes the photos as “The simplicity of days,” as she talked about the big aspirations that live in such tiny lives.

“The simplicity of days is so delusive. Common days conceal uncommon revelations. In every tiny life there is a sensation of the great life breathing. I‘m ready to travel the world to unveil the magic of your days.”

With the blending of accompanying body language and strong confessions, the photographer captures what it means to dream big.

I will be a basketball player.


I will be happy and beautiful.


I will be a good human.


I will be a happy painter, photographer… and smart.


I will be a mathematician.


I will be an astronomer and I’ll travel to Australia.


I’ll be a rugby player and I will have enough money to survive.


I will be a family man.


I will be a dancer.


I will be a game developer.


I will be an intelligent cardiologist.


I will be curious, foxy and interesting.


I will be a human. Kind. Strange.


I will be a happy swimmer. Champion!


To see more of Viktorija Vaisvilaite Skirutiene, please visit her Facebook page. Her Website is also available to see more of her beautiful work.

Do you remember making such bold declarations as a kid? Did they come true? Tell us about what you wanted to become when you were a child. Please share this story with your friends and family!

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