Secrets to Flawless Five-Minute Makeup

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By Shae Williams

If there is one thing all women should master, it’s a quick and easy makeup routine! How many times have you promised yourself you would wake up early to do hair and makeup but ended up sleeping in leaving barely enough time for breakfast? More frequent than not if you’re anything like me.

Whether it’s on a busy weekday morning, a coffee date, or even on a daily basis, these few tips for a “lazy” makeup routine will make you a beauty queen without all the beauty time. Remember, t’s all about accentuating your natural features. Flaunt what you got, girl!

#1) BB Cream? CC Cream?

The first step is a moisturizing cream that can almost always double as a foundation. It’s important to keep your face from drying out midday especially as we head into colder weather. BB creams come in a few shades that you can match to your skin tone and many also help to even out your skin tone as well so there’s no need for foundation!

Wait a minute… A lotion that can cover up those pesky, overnight pop-ups AND helps to correct and perfect skin tone? Thank you makeup gods! If you prefer a BB cream without any color, there are plenty great non-tinted serums that leave your face feeling and looking refreshed. Who knew this could be so easy?

#2) Flaws Be Gone

While some ladies are lucky enough to get a full 8 hours each night or don’t suffer from a pimple or two once a month (count your blessings), unfortunately not all of us can get our stars to align so frequently. I guess we can’t be completely perfect, right? A concealer is great for dark circles or covering up a sudden blemish.

The best way to use a concealer for those bags is to make vertical lines under your eyes – almost like your eye is the sun and you are painting the rays around it. Blend gently with a brush or your finger. This technique goes against the grain of the circles and conceals them well. Score!

If you have a pimple, dab a bit on and around the blemish and blend gently. Concealer works wonders for covering little imperfections. Finding a decent product is imperative not only to make your routine quick and easy but also to avoid piling on a bunch of unnecessary makeup.

#3) Make ‘Em Pop!

Now that your skin is looking flawless, we need to make some “eye popping” features and what better way to do that than with some gorgeous lashes and shimmer?

For a daytime glow, choose a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. Not only will it make you glow, light eye shadow will make your eyes appear bigger. Apply the shadow with your finger or brush – I prefer my finger to get more shadow on my eyelid and less on the rest of my face.

Next, apply a few generous swipes of mascara to your lashes. To achieve maximum volume, apply while your eye is closed. Sound a little crazy? It really works! Use the mascara wand in the same fashion as if you were to normally apply mascara – on the underside of the top lashes – start at eyelash line and wiggle the brush through lashes to the tips. Be mindful of getting mascara on your lids.

This technique decreases application time and gives you the same volume and curve that an eyelash curler would give without having to attempt that annoying – and sometimes intimidating – process. Apply a swipe to the bottom lashes for a bit of volume and wa-la!

#4) Add Some Color

Rosy cheeks are in and I don’t mean a temporary face flush after you’ve accidentally called your boss “babe.” Not everyone has that natural rose color but fear not ladies of un-blushed cheeks! It only takes a swipe per cheek to achieve this fresh look. Start with a small brush to the apples of cheeks and add until you’ve reached desirable results. Don’t forget to smile!

#5) Pucker Up!

Whether it is a gloss or a tinted balm, lip color is always a great finishing touch to add some color. Start your routine with a lip balm so by the time you get to lip gloss or tint, your lips will be well moisturized. If you don’t know what shade to choose, a warm pink is always a quick and reliable option. It is subtle enough not to feel out of your comfort zone but also helps to draw people’s eyes away from any imperfections.

With a routine as simple and quick as this one, you will have time to eat your bagel and yogurt at the table and hey, you might even have time to press the snooze button a few more times!


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