Remember This Feeling? Here’s How to Start Making the Most Out of Everything & Be Happier In Life

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By Anne Cacherell

Three years ago, my then fiancé and I decided to visit the two most popular cities in Asia, Hong Kong and Macau.  We booked a hotel for 4-days a month prior to the trip. I did my homework when researching about the two places: famous landmarks to go to, must-try foods, and public transport systems to get around the city.

Girl, let me tell you. It’s really easy to get lost in these two urban jungles, even if you have a map. And though the locals are friendly, most of them can’t really speak English.

Day 1: We arrived at night at the Macau Airport and everything was easy. We just hired a cab to take us to our hotel, which was just 15 minutes away.

Day 2: Our official adventure started here. We decided to take a ferry ride from Macau to go to Hong Kong to see Disneyland. From the boat terminal, we didn’t know where to go after, but because the park was a popular tourist spot, finding it wasn’t that hard. Even if there’s language barrier, at least we understood arrows.

We didn’t plan our next destination, so to be spontaneous and make the most out of our Hong Kong trip we got off the train, without even knowing where we were.

Turned out we reached Tsim Sha Tsui, one of the best places to go shopping and enjoy the evening because of its bright city lights and authentic foods. Though we weren’t able to see the island skyline and the famous Avenue of Stars due to time constraints, we made sure we had a good time together.

Day 3: We were mall and casino hopping around Macau all day. We discovered that you can get around the city without paying a single cent by taking hotel buses that provide free transfers. We also took advantage of free coffee and bottled waters in the casino.

Day 4: After checking out of the hotel, we still had 4 hours to explore the city some more. We took a free bus ride to Grand Lisboa Hotel and from there we just let our feet take us the rest of the way.

Surprisingly, we ended up at two famous historical landmarks, the Senado Square and the Ruins of St. Paul, where I took unlimited selfies for documentation purposes.

The best parts of our adventure happened unplanned. We may have gotten lost, but we made sure that we enjoyed every moment of it.

“The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.”

Having everything we want is not a requirement for happiness. They real key is our attitude towards life.

If you prefer to be sad, if you choose to feel bad about your work and if you elect to think that you’re living the worst life ever – then, it’s all on you. But I think you’re being too hard on yourself and you have to give yourself a chance to make things better.

Life is something to be experienced; you can’t just waste it going through the motions.

In “How Being Busy Makes You Unproductive,” writer Travis Bradberry explains how multitasking can slow us down and result in more mistakes.

People who are always busy are always in a rush. They believe that the faster they work, the more competent they become. However, I disagree.

Taking time to pause to nourish our spirit and recharge our energy gives us the opportunity to reflect on our lives and have full realization of the good things around us.

Also, there’s a direct association between happiness and good health. Numerous studies support that happier people are healthier and have better immune systems.

Dwelling on the problem is disempowering. It just drains all your energy and makes you unhealthy.

For a healthier and happier you, check this out – “7 Surprising Signs You’re Not getting Enough Protein.”

Happy people focus on solutions and take action to deal with whatever it is that they are going through. They are also proactive and do not allow little issues to stress them out.

Understand that difficulties are temporary. Instead of letting things bother you, come up with the most constructive thing you can do in any given situation.

Respond wisely to challenges, ladies. Be in a constant search for ways to make life easier and more comfortable.

Like if your killer heels are actually killing your feet. Learn some of these quick fixes so you won’t completely wreck your real heels.

Make the best of what you have and the rest will catch up.

To provide you more practical tips on how to be happier today, here are 10 science-backed ways to become happier in life by Jessica Stillman.

Be grateful, no matter what life brings. Value every single thing. Appreciate every morning and never stop learning.

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