4 Ways To Make More Connections & Less Judgements

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When my husband and I started our relationship, we had a lot of arguments because I always accused him of checking out other women and possibly cheating on me. I know it was unfair, but in my defense I was having an emotional trauma because I caught my ex-boyfriend red handed.

I knew I was wrong but my thinking was clouded by my bitter and painful past. Again, I wasn’t trying to justify my mistake, but you know, it’s challenging not to be too judgmental sometimes.

We are all brought up with different sets of beliefs, values and culture. Also, we have different experiences and points of view in life.

So, to fill in the gap and un-complicate things a little, here are 4 reasons why you should suspend your judgment, be more open-minded and just learn to accept life for what it is.

It Opens More Opportunities

When you allow yourself to see things from other people’s perspective, you are not only allowing yourself to experience new things but you’re also being open to learning and discovering new and better ideas.

In the piece “Why Facebook, Not LinkedIn, Is the Professional Network of Choice for These 4 CEOs,” writer Ryan Holmes shows how being open-minded enables you to make a giant leap to success.

On a quick glance, LinkedIn may be a more appropriate platform for your business. However, if you really think about it, though LinkedIn may look more professional, you can’t deny the fact that Facebook has access to the world’s biggest social audience, making it the most ideal platform for networking, personal branding and social media marketing.

It Makes You a Happier Person

If you’re familiar with the story of The Little Prince, you’ll remember how grown-ups are always so busy with matters of consequence. They spend most of their time trying to figure out complexities of people and situations. And this, I think, is the reason why our lives are so complicated.

Have you ever wondered why we, adults, can never have the same level of happiness and satisfaction as children? In my opinion, setting big responsibilities aside, it is because in the eyes of a child, it is what it is and that’s it. They live in a simple world wherein they see beauty in everything and they just accept things for what they are.

So, let go of that habit of labeling people and instead be fair and give them a chance to show you or allow yourself to discover their real beauty.

For example, most women think that men only get attracted to women with a pretty face and nice body, but this is not entirely true! In fact, ladies, if you only try not to judge too quickly then you’ll find out that there are so many simple things that turn men on that you’re just so clueless about, such as your driving skills, your sweat, your knowledge of sports, the way you demand things from them, and so much more.

It Allows You to Build a Stronger Spiritual Life

I think that the reason why people jump to conclusions so easily is because they let themselves be dictated by their negative emotions. As a result, they get sick, stressed and depressed.

On the other hand, when you’re open-minded, you create positive energy that allows you to connect better with the people around you, which puts you in a calmer, more peaceful and a happier environment.

And to help you get rid of your negative emotions and enter a new level of spirituality, check this out – “Tibetan Buddhist Master Monk Explains How Meditation Is Not What Most People Think It Is.”

Writer Arjun Walia proves that there is no one way to meditate and contrary to what many people know, it doesn’t have to take hours and does not need to be done sitting alone in a quiet space. You just have to learn to resist judging your thoughts and just let them flow until you reach a state of peace and self-awareness.

It Offers Endless Possibilities

Limiting your thinking and closing your mind to possibilities could rule out good options and solutions. So, it is best to set your judgment aside, open yourself to trying new things and let yourself discover interesting and exciting things that could enrich your life.

And speaking of alternatives, here’s a quick ritual that you can use to try and clear your home of negative energy.

Yes ladies, your homes can pick up negative energies from arguments and useless clutters, that’s why I try to do a simple home cleanse at least once a week. I highly recommend that you do it too to entertain abundance, love and new opportunities.

Ladies, viewing life with an open mind is not as hard as you think. You just have to live and let live and embrace the idea that things are not always what they should be, and sometimes, it just is what it is.

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