Here’s How to Know When You Are Ready to Turn Your Life Around

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There was a point in my life when I just did the same things over and over again and expected my situation to improve. I was dating the same type of guys: players, happy-go-lucky and no future plans in life. And yet, I was hopeful of not getting hurt again and being genuinely happy for good – moronic in the highest level, right?

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to take a break, learn more about myself and think things over. A few days of quiet time away from work and all the pressure helped me realize I had the choice to turn my life around and be really happy for good.

However, just knowing that change is possible is not enough. You have to first measure your capability and you have to know the signs that you’re indeed emotionally ready for real change.

When You Are Motivated by the Right Reasons

You have the right reasons to perform big changes in your life when you’ve done your best and still you’re just merely surviving, when big things need to happen in order to fulfill your dreams, and when you know in yourself that you have to do more.

As an entrepreneur, for instance, it is your responsibility to know when you’re ready to take a loan to invest more in your business.

According to Elle Harikleia, business loans should be taken for the right reasons such as growing your product lines, buying inventory on a greater scale or simply establishing a credit history for your company.

In my opinion, you’re ready to take your business to a whole new level only when your business is in a solid position financially and when you have a solid business plan. Not being able to satisfy these two conditions could result in more unexpected expenses and additional debt.

When You Already Know Your Worth

Self-worth is the value you place on yourself and never about what others think about you. When you are aware of your value, you:

• Won’t settle for anything less than you deserve
• Would never say that you are not good enough
• Won’t listen to people who want to bring you down

And lastly but most importantly, you:

Won’t chase love that isn’t yours; and you won’t chase a man who doesn’t know your worth

Ladies, sometimes, you have to let your man be the man. You have to allow him to do his work and live up to his responsibilities to you and your relationship. You don’t have to be the hero all the time and play the savior of everything. When your man is willing to do his part, it means he knows you are worth it. But if he doesn’t exert any effort and does nothing to keep you and make you happy, then it’s time for you to move on and look for someone else who knows your value.

In the piece “4 Ways Clinging to a Lingering Ex Ruins Your Romantic Life,” writers The Ambrose Girls explain why you should never allow your failed relationships to linger or take permanent residence in your heart.

An ex is an ex for a reason. And if you don’t give yourself a chance to really move on, then you are also denying yourself a chance to be happy. So, stop dwelling on the past, start putting yourself out there, know your worth and believe that you deserve better.

When You Have Learned to Let Go

Letting go simply means making a conscious decision to release people, memories and things that no longer serve you or play a significant role in your life. It also means setting yourself free from negative influences and meaningless issues in exchange for a happier and a more fulfilling life.

According to Andrew Martin of Collective Evolution, being attached to something or holding on to a permanent state generates craving, wanting and insecurity, which are the main causes of human suffering.

Learning to let go, on the other hand, frees the mind from limiting desires, which results in compassion, clarity of vision and an understanding of impermanence.

Therefore, you can never successfully turn your life around when you are still trapped in things that make you unhappy and miserable. So, respect yourself enough and be strong enough to walk away and cultivate a better you.

When You Stop Making Excuses

It is so much easier to convince yourself not to pursue your dreams than to stick your neck out and take action. However, justifying your inability to do something won’t allow you to grow and won’t get you anywhere near your dreams.

Realizing that it’s about time to take responsibility of your behavior and your action puts you in the right direction when you are thinking of creating drastic changes in your life.

To help you focus on what really matters and face the challenges along the way, check this out – “7 Reasons You’re Not Aligned With Your True Purpose.”

Once you’re clear of what you truly want and what would make you happy, the next important step is to focus on the tasks that are going to get you there rather than wasting your time formulating excuses that provide nothing of value.

Unfortunately, there is no map available that can direct you when you decide to change course. However,in order to nail turning your life around, it is essential to listen to your heart and follow your intuition to take the right actions.

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