QR Codes Aren’t An Effective Marketing Decision

QR Codes Aren't An Effective Marketing Decision 1
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By Theresa Grant

I’ve heard so much talk about QR codes and I honestly think it’s not the best marketing tactic that could be used. There are a lot more effective ways to market your company and your products. In my opinion; it’s basically just a waste of money to create your own code and smartphone pages associated with that code.

I’m going to show you why I think it’s not the best marketing plan.

Limiting Your Customer Base

The first reason why I don’t believe it’s a smart marketing tactic is because you truly are limiting your customer base. By saying; “scan this code for discounts and other exciting savings” – you are not only making the customers without a smartphone feel isolated…. but you are also telling your customers they have to purchase a scanner.

There are some free QR code scanners but I’ve found out that they don’t always work as well as the ones that you have to pay for. A lot of people have smartphones; but not a lot of people are going to download the app just for a 10%-15% discount when they can just wait for a storewide sale. It’s also a privacy issue for a lot of users.

People Still Don’t Know What The Codes Are

Even though it’s 2013 and people should be up with the trends; I know a lot more people that still don’t know what a QR code is. They don’t recognize what you mean when you talk about them. They know what they are visually but how are you supposed to find an app for something you don’t know the name to?

I don’t think it’s ever going to catch on either. With all of the technological advances and different things being thrown into the market every couple months; this is just one of the things that should have never started.

It was a decent idea because it had to pertain to finding out something via your smartphone to scan it… but people quickly remembered that customers are incredibly lazy. They would much rather go to a store and find the sale out that way or be emailed a coupon instead of having to scan a code.

Take Away From Your Brand

If you were going to design a beautiful package for a product you are selling… why would you slap a QR code on the side of it. It’s worse than a regular barcode! I’ve seen QR codes on postcards that were incredibly beautiful and would make me want to purchase the product if I wasn’t so focused on this “thing” taking away from the package.

It may just be because I like beautifully packaged materials and I purchase products based on how they are packaged; but I believe that’s a bigger marketing statement to focus on the packaging. That’s what’s going to sell your product; not the “additional information” they may get if they scanned the code.

Overall; I just think it’s a bad idea to put time, money, and profits into creating something that will be gone as soon as something better comes around. It may even be by the summer that these no longer exist.

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