Pre-Workout Snacks To Enhance Your Workouts

Pre-Workout Snacks To Enhance Your Workouts 1
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By Rebecca Johnson

Now ladies; when it comes to exercising, there are crucial things that you may be missing. What do you eat before your workout? Do you eat anything or do you wake up right away and workout on an empty stomach?

No matter what your decisions in life are, here are some quick and easy snacks to eat 20-30 minutes prior to working out to not only enhance your stamina but to help you shed those pounds quicker.

Whole-Wheat Bagel With Jam

Now you may be thinking that bagels are packed full of carbs. Well, they are! Simple carbs will definitely burn quicker than complex carbs. Take a piece of paper and light it on fire. Simple carbs burn off just as quickly. It’s quite simply the perfect way to fuel your workout from start to finish.

Protein Shakes

There is really no excuse for this one ladies. The options for protein shakes that don’t taste awful are becoming more and more prevalent in this world. It’s a very good way to reap protein’s benefits while adding carbs to stay energized.

I would stay away from milk shake bases because milk can cause mucous. Make sure to ad some oats and a banana [or fruit of your choice] to provide delicious carbs.

Rice & Chicken

If you are more of a mid-day exerciser or an after dinner exerciser, make sure to stay away from rich foods. Instead, have a simple dish of brown rice with chicken (or tofu if you are a vegetarian). It provides an insane amount of carbs and proteins.

Grab A Slice Of Bread With Cheese

If you really don’t like eating before you work out in the mornings, try grabbing a slice of wheat bread with low-fat cheese. It’s very easy on the stomach and provides proteins. Otherwise… you could add egg whites on top of the bread if you aren’t a cheese eater.


I have seen it numerous times when I head to the gym. People are working out with their coffee in their hand. A subtle amount of caffeine before a workout can help you enjoy yourself a little more. It also enhances your energy and assists in reducing muscle soreness.

But make sure you have a little snack to settle the coffee that is in your system. Just make sure you are used to the feeling of coffee in your stomach before guzzling down a latter right before your workout.

It’s better to have a small snack than it is to exercise on an empty stomach. Have easily digestible, simple carb snacks in your house at all times. Then eat a full meal after working out. You’ll feel 10 times better before and after the gym.


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