Peace Of Mind Starts With You: 4 Ways to Increase Your Emotional Strength

Image by: Trekking Rinjani
By MacKenzie Nelson-Greene

Health and wellness plans don’t always have to revolve around how much you exercise or focus on your diet. As a matter of fact, all health and wellness plans should have some amount of focus on your mental health as well.

All women take on quite a bit throughout the day. Whether you are a business woman, or a stay-at-home mom, or both, your day consists of taking care of important tasks, having running lists in your head, time crunches, and people who depend on you (even if it is yourself).

For this reason, keeping you emotional strength high throughout your day is essential for the rest of your health and wellness plan.

Even if you think of “that stuff” as hokey or some form of witchcraft, if you just make the attempt to better your emotional health, you will feel a difference in your everyday life. If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to boosting your emotional strength, check out these five ways to clear your mind and find inner peace on even the most hectic of days.

#1) Breathe

When we are stressed, we rarely recognize the change in our breathing. As a matter of fact, we don’t recognize it at all, because we are so concerned about all of the things we have to do. For this reason, it is essential to take some time to pay attention to the breaths we take whether we are in a high-stress situation, or a calm and relaxing situation.

Every day during lunch, take some time out to do breathing exercises. Start by taking a single breath slowly in through your nose. Count how many seconds it takes to fill your lungs to their full capacity. When you release that breath, take twice as much time to empty your lungs as much as possible.

Do this four or five times in a row. You will be taking in the oxygen that your brain needs to function fully. If you find that this is difficult the on your first attempt, remember that your lungs have muscles in them, and when you don’t concentrate on your breathing for long periods of time, these muscles can weaken.

A great variation of this technique (for those of you under highly stressful situations or not) is to say to yourself “In with the good,” as you breathe in, and “Out with the bad,” as you breathe out. You tell me all day long how cheesy that sounds, but as you do it more and more, you will realize that this will become a necessary part of your lunch break, and eventually, you will find that you are doing it at your desk throughout the day to help you center yourself.

#2) Release Things

Saying “In with the good, out with the bad,” is the first step to releasing things. However, there are great little ways to help you release the negative energy that is in your body and clogs your mind.

Here’s what you do: gently close your eyes; place all five of your fingertips on your forehead (just between your eyes) as though you are grabbing a piece of string; pull that imaginary piece of string out of your brain; now, throw that that ball of imaginary string out the window or as far away from you as possible. The first time you do it, you may feel a little dumb, but if you really concentrate, you will actually feel negative energy leaving your body. Sometimes, you can even feel it as you visualize yourself pulling the string—it’s pretty trippy, and it works.

Never throw the negative energy at someone else. Even if you don’t believe in “that stuff,” it is important to be on the safe side of Karma.

#3) Visualize

I’m not saying you’re a witch, but I am saying that you have power. There is a large portion of your brain that you are not cognitively using, and in order to tap that, it is important to guide this area by using your cognitive abilities.

Take five to ten minutes out of every day to visualize yourself where you want to be. Do not fantasize, rather, see yourself doing the things you want to do (whether it be with relationships, career paths, or recreational purposes).

Not only does visualizing help you meditate and realize what you want, it also sends messages to the areas of your brain you don’t know you are using. This will help you gain the intuition you need to guide you to where you want to be.

#4) Mantras

You see them all the time, flooding your Facebook and Twitter feeds. They are plastered to memes, and they have become the clichés of our lives. However, when a word or phrase strikes a chord with you, it is essential that you hold on to it. Do not allow your skepticism and hatred for clichés to overpower the strength you are trying to build for your emotions.

I once had a particularly hellish job; every day seemed to be a new challenge or roadblock to where I wanted to go with my life. A friend who was a non-native English speaker said to me, “I heard a quote, and it reminded me of this place. It was something like ‘this is going to pass as well.’”

From then on, my mantra at work was “This, too, shall pass.” It was a great way to remind myself that the hard times are easily overcome, if I just realize that they will not last forever.

Find the word or words that help you throughout your life. Read philosophy books to help you find your way (even if you don’t live by every word in them, they can be very helpful to you creating your own direction and realizing your own emotional strengths).

Emotional strength affects your health and wellness just as much as your physical strength. When you learn how to breathe through the hard times, visualize the good times, and release the negative energy inside of you, you can accomplish great things with the power of your emotions. What are some ways you focus on your emotional strength? Share with us in the comments below!

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