10 Ways to Make Your Old School Clothes Look New Again

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Vintage style has been making its rounds for quite some time now. You can make old styles work for you by incorporating new trends to fit your personality. With a little tweaking, you can take your old school clothes and modernize them to perfection.

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10 Ways to Make Your Old School Clothes Look New Again

#1) Buttons Change Everything

Buttons take an otherwise boring or outdated jacket or dress and update it with more interesting focal points. For a more posh look, swap out your old buttons for some gold ones, understated but dignified.

For a quirky updated look, try them printed or in your favorite color. Amazon offers a ton of variety at a great price.

#2) Stun with Bold Prints

Chic up your wardrobe with bold, daring prints. From color-blocking to florals with a black backdrop(think traditional dutch paintings), prints instantly add creativity to your outfit. Try geometric to look more modern and sleek,  ethnic print for a more well-traveled variety.

Want to take it up a notch? Give it a try with the cool new animal print styles currently rocking the runways this season.

#3) Retro Glasses

Nerd chic retro spectacles are popping up all over the place. If you want to be a cool cat, try these Warby Parker glasses to add instant vintage 60’s boldness to any garment.

Not only does Warby Parker add hip glamor, but for every pair that you purchase, someone in need receives one, for free!

#4) Mix and Match

Don’t wear retro pieces from head to toe, if you don’t want your outfit to be mistaken for a Halloween costume. Instead, mix and match more modern looks with the looks of yesteryear.

Although the Mad Men-style is in, if you hit the streets styled like Betty Draper, from head to toe, people might think that you’re on your way to a movie audition. Instead, find new ways to wear old looks so that you stay updated.

 #5) Don’t Take Your Look too Seriously

You might be inspired to don your new secretary blouse in a Working Girl kind of way, but taking yourself too seriously might leave you looking too pretentious.

Instead, opt for a more soft, layered look. Leave the pinned-up look in the past and wear your blouse under a luxurious cashmere sweater or flattering blazer. You will look playful and approachable, not prissy.  And you’ll feel good about yourself!

#6) Leave Flirty Sundresses at Home

Those cute and fancy sundresses, that hearken to the days of Jackie O are perfect for a date night or a party. However, your look could be too festive for the office.

On the other hand, if you must show off your new dress, for a more professional look, layer a neutral piece, like a belted cardigan to look more sophisticated. After hours, nix the cardigan and add sparkly accessories for a night on the town.

#7) Don’t Get Carried Away

Some styles will always be classics, such as the little black dress. However, wearing that flowy that your mom owned in the 70s will make you look more Dancing Queen than darling.

It’s perfectly fine if you have a costume party to attend, but if you’re seeking upgraded elegance, then have a seamstress cut out the shoulder pads and sew up the plunging neckline to look more appropriate for today. Save the plunge for the back instead, for a sexy option.

#8) Don’t Try too Hard

If a style isn’t you, it’s going to show. You will instead appear awkward in hopes of appearing trendy. It’s cool to wear an ironic shirt with a members-only jacket paired with hipster sunglasses… if you’re in an indie band.

Instead, pair a nice pair of jeans and a cardigan with some ballet flats for a more effortlessly chic look.

#9) Don’t Skimp on Frumpiness

Next time you want to try a new look for yourself, don’t skimp on the old lady looking clothes in the back of the thrift store. Some of those pieces are gold when paired with trendier items.

Another bonus is to take a suit jacket and wear it with a pair of skinny jeans or a skirt as one whole outfit, then you can pair the old skirt with a hip new top. You get two outfits for the price of one.

#10) Be Yourself

Most importantly, be yourself when it comes to personal style. Just because a look fits someone else doesn’t necessarily make it the right look for you.

If you’d like to dress like Brigitte Bardot but can’t quite pull off the look, then find ways to incorporate trademark attributes that will easily fit into today’s style, like changing your hair, or wearing quirky pair of shoes.

From the looks of it, vintage is here to stay. Although some styles may seem too much by today’s standards, finding what works for you. That always trumps trends.

Let’s get your take. What are some vintage styles that you love/hate? Do you often wear vintage trends or is it something better left behind? We’d love to hear your opinions.

10 ways to make your old school clothes look new again

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