Not Sure Where Inspiration Will Strike From Next? Try These 5 Sources Abundant In Imagination

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By Valerie Miller

If you’re like me then you are always looking for that next spark of imagination to motivate you into trying new things. Sometimes you can’t force it or you’ll wind up just aggravating yourself and get discouraged.

Then again it just takes a little push from those wonderful little discoveries we make from time to time to flip on the light bulb. When you work on those discoveries, amazing things can happen.

  • Do you get stuck sometimes on where to go with your entrepreneurial ideas and try to copy someone else? Stop doing that and start being valuable and remarkable
  • Need some ideas on what builds a lasting relationship? Check out 6 things successful, long-term couples never do
  • Compare your beliefs about what makes a real man with 9 things men actually love that women do for them
  • Let your conscious mind and unconscious thoughts collide with a look at sensory-deprivation chambers and lucid dreaming
  • Test out the future of sound with a pair of ear buds that can bring you an audio augmented reality
Feed Your Inspiration By Creating Value & Being Remarkable

So often it’s the case that when a person has a good idea or new slant on doing something differently than everyone else, the copy cats come crawling out of the wood work. Sure, you can make a decent living riding the coattails of success, but it won’t be as fulfilling or as enlightening as creating your own amazing thing.

Entrepreneur and writer Jurgen Appelo knows that when it comes to finding your success, it takes courage and determination to blaze your own trail.

As an example, just watch any popular channel on YouTube and then see all the clones that just copy the idea and wonder why they only achieve mild success. Don’t be like that.

Chances are that when you embrace the real you and apply your own unique ideas and perspectives to your endeavors, you will be much more likely to connect with people. C’mon ladies, you know how easy it is to spot a fake, much less want to have anything to do with them!

Bring value to your brand or product and be remarkable when it comes to your execution of it.

The Same Goes For Relationships

Relationships, more than most things in life, require some of the biggest imaginations to keep them going. That’s why knowing some of the things long-time couples never do might inspire some action from your own imagination.

For instance, even though the two of you complete each other, it doesn’t mean you should be together constantly. You are two independent people who need time to yourselves, which means alone. Aside from being a healthy way to still retain your identity, you’ll have an actual reason to miss each other and take more joy in reuniting.

And if you find yourself feeling jealous, don’t mistake it for a testament to your level of affection for your partner. It’s a symptom of insecurity and can lead to all kinds of nasty things. Avoid jealousy by exercising your ability to be trusting and it will never get in the way.

There are also some things to keep in mind about a man who really loves you, and that is knowing that certain things you do for him actually matter.

Like all the notes you write for him, or the good morning text messages you send to let him know he’s the first thing on your mind even when you’re not together.

A man who is committed to you will appreciate your advice, need your reassurance, and crave you no matter how un-makeuped, how sick , or how gross you think you are.

When you have a man who is inspired by you, it makes it easy to stay inspired yourself.

Give Your Mind the Kind Of Inspiring Trip It Wants

OK, so I’m talking strictly legal ways here ladies, just to clarify. Like getting into a sensory deprivation chamber and letting your mind go to a place it’s never been.

What happens exactly?

According to writer Nathan Wiebe, who has clocked over 100 hours of the activity, it allows you to connect with your thoughts without any distractions. By floating in water heated to your body temperature and being sheltered from any outside stimulus, you are truly alone with your thoughts.

It might help in provoking more lucid dreaming, which is a good way to get in touch with the thoughts of your unconscious. By learning to control your dreams, there could be crossover benefits in your waking life.

Although, if you are looking for a similar mind altering experience, without delving too deep into your consciousness, check out these Here buds from Doppler Labs.

These hearing aids on crack are like Google glasses for your ears, as each one contains a microprocessor that continually adjust incoming sounds for total optimization.

It’s like HD hearing. But with the added bonus of user control that opens the door to the futuristic sounding phrase, audio augmented reality.

Remember the first time you saw a 1080P Hi-Definition TV in the store and it looked like you were looking at a painting? These will do that for sound.

Hopefully your head is now filled with enough imaginative ways to inspire your next great idea!


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