This Is the Most Important Word to Hear that You Should Never Listen to

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When you think about it ladies, life’s lessons are fairly interchangeable. What you learn about business you can apply to relationships, failures in dating can help you with your spirit. It’s because our emotions are always at play and get tangled from experience to experience.

It is actually a good thing and you can better manage every aspect of your life by cross referencing all those experiences with an assortment of solutions.

  • Learn from Real Estate mogul Barbara Corcoran how your early experiences can be the key to your success as an entrepreneur
  • Never let the word “NO” detour you from anything you want in life ever again
  • See where genius comes from with 7 insights you may not have ever realized
  • Increase your energy and balance by practicing some mindful eating techniques
  • Then it might be time for you to create your own business plan for love that could be the best thing you have done in its name
Barbara Corcoran Has Some Invaluable Advice For Female Entrepreneurs

I don’t know about you, but I have been a fan of the show Shark Tank ever since it first came on in 2009. The premise is simple, an entrepreneur comes into a room with five investors and pitches their business in hopes of landing an investment.

One of those investors is real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, one of my favorites. Recently I came across the article, ‘Shark Tank’ Host Barbara Corcoran: Running a Company Is as ‘Close to Being God as You Can Get’ and knew I had to check it out.

The best piece of advice that Corcoran offers has to do with rejection and how it can be one of the most important things new entrepreneurs need to experience.

Wait a minute, getting rejected is good? It sure is!

The reason comes from Corcoran’s belief that early hardships in a person’s life tend to breed the type of characteristics that successful entrepreneurs have. She believes that when it comes to running your own business, you have to know what sets you back and how you can get over it. Rejection in any form is often the best motivator.

Corcoran says that you can’t expect to read a few books and be ready to take on the responsibility of running a business. Being an entrepreneur has to be, “felt, lived, and fought through,” in order to achieve the skills and acute sense of judgment one needs.

You have to have the attitude that no matter what you’re not going to go down!

And to help you get better at accepting rejection, but not letting it stop you, check out The Door Isn’t Closed: The Word ‘No’ Just Means ‘Not Yet’ by writer and entrepreneur Janine Popick.

In order for rejection to motivate you, Popick says that you have to know exactly why you were rejected in order to help you move on. So don’t be afraid to get as much feedback as possible as to why the answer was a “No.”

You also have to realize that the reason might not have anything to do with you or your business. The timing could just be off, your customer or investor is just not ready, or maybe they are going through changes as a company.

Just remember that your doors and windows for opportunity should always be kept open ladies.

Being a Genius Is More Than a State Of Mind

OK, so the term genius is overused these days, but have you ever really considered what true genius is?

In the article, 7 Surprising Insights About How Genius Happens by Susan K. Perry Ph.D., you can see that it has other sources then simply genetics.

Do you avoid specialization and prefer to be constantly learning new things? When you are working, does it help to have a little background noise going? How do you feel about risking your life or reputation in the name of innovation?

Your answers to those questions are certainly not going to dismiss you from genius status, but they will help you develop some good habits when it comes to being creative and solving problems.

Like When It Comes to Your Diet

Maybe you rush through meals or eat on the go because of a jillion reasons. Distracted eating is not good eating ladies!

That’s why you should look into practicing more mindful eating to raise your energy levels and create a sense of balance. It’s like your work schedule, but instead of customers and clients, its food that you are going to entertain.

And if you take the analogy even further, you can apply it to your love life as well.

It might help to take some tips from writer Iulia Calota in her piece, How Creating A Business Plan For Love Led Me To Romantic Bliss.

Imagine that, you with a history of your dating spectrum complete with spreadsheet, performance reviews, and charts. Calota called it her “Love Project” and you might just want to consider creating your own.

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