4 Mental Frameworks to Help You Start Building Better Solutions

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The other week, my husband wasn’t able to work for a couple of days because his sinuses were acting up. He blamed the dust in our room and the fact that I always keep our windows open. A few days ago, we had an argument because he couldn’t find his favorite shirt that he would normally take to the beach. Turns out, it was still in our pile of laundry. And last night, we were late to an important dinner meeting because I couldn’t remember where I placed some important documents.

I have been facing problem after problem because of one thing – I don’t keep our house clean enough. I realize that we could have avoided a lot of negative things and enjoyed better days just by maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in our home. So, this morning, right after I write this letter, I am dedicating the rest of my day to organizing, cleaning up and putting things back in their right place.

The same thing goes with life in general. When you feel like your life is mess, it’s time to organize your thinking patterns, fix your thoughts and go within to connect with your inner self.

So, whether you are struggling with your body fat percentage, or your boyfriend left you for another woman, or you’re drowning in debt or stuck in a problem that you have just created in your mind, you can adopt these mindsets and create long-term solutions for your issues in life.

Be Open to Being Wrong

Being close-minded when accepting your mistakes and not looking for effective solutions, hinder your progress. It means closing your eyes to infinite possibilities and potential opportunities.

So, instead of wasting your energy trying to be right all the time, be open to being wrong and to learning new things from others.

In the piece “5 Ways to Stay Close to Your Partner, Even When You Fight,” Dr. Lisa Firestone says that it is mutually beneficial in every relationship to be open to the possibility that your perception isn’t necessarily right or wrong – just different.

When you choose to disregard your critical inner voice, you’ll be able to understand your partner more, avoid more confrontations and make your significant other empathize with your feelings. So, open yourself to hearing out their side and try to see how things look from their perspective.

Watch What You Say

Be mindful of your internal dialogues, the thoughts in your head that you put into words and the negativities that you communicate with others because they could actually turn into reality and escalate into more serious problems.

When people are broken-hearted, most of them talk about their exes as if they’re the most famous and well loved person in the world. Little did they know that sometimes, the more you talk about your pains, the worse it gets because you’re reliving every single traumatic memory that you had rather than helping yourself get over them and move on.

According to writer Talia Koren, your confidence and happiness start from within. To gain a more positive outlook in life, you should stop talking about talking about your problems, surround yourself with positive people and have some healthy conversations with them. Share your joys and create good memories.

Live Smaller

One of life’s most annoying problems is money. Let’s take for example one of my colleagues situation. Noemi has a decent job, she’s earning good money and she doesn’t have any big financial responsibility except for paying her personal bills. However, despite all those circumstances, she’s still struggling financially. Well, it doesn’t make sense right?

The thing with Noemi is that she’s living a lifestyle that is way above her means. It is comfortable in some ways, yes, but it is also a wasteful one. In order for you to be able to save up for the rainy days, you should learn to manage your hard-earned money wisely.

Writer Luvleen Sidhu suggests these 6 tips to getting your financial life together.

Living below your means may seem boring because it means less shopping, less time partying with your friends, less travels and staying simple, but it’s a great solution to help you secure your future and get rich.

Refresh Your Spiritual Connection

Your spirit, like your physical body, is also prone to fatigue. When this happens, you can get easily demotivated, uninspired, unfocused and lost. Fortunately, the ways to reconnect to your spirituality are simple, such as:

• Spending time with people who support and align with your spiritual beliefs.
• Removing yourself from your everyday routine and taking a personal retreat
• Spreading some love even to those people whom you don’t know

Personally, what recharges my energy whenever I feel depleted is my faith. I believe in a higher force that is greater than anything in this world. And it is through prayers, meditation and a little quiet moment that I ask for its guidance in my life.

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