Man Punches His Way Through Ice to Save a Life

By Julie Redwood


He may not be The Incredible Hulk, but his actions are nothing short of heroic. On a cold day, one man is captured in a LiveLeak footage as he bursts his way through frigid waters to save a dog.

A man captured the happening on tape has saw three people getting out of a truck who had pulled over to help whatever or whomever was spotted in the water. One of the men, a 23-year old dived into the water, just as the unknown man began filming the chaotic scene.

Ivan, the guy who selflessly dived into the water to rescue the helpless dog, literally broke down the icy waters as he punched his way towards the victim.

Once he rescues the dog, they both swim back to shore, where the dog then runs off. The men then dry off, get back into their truck, spotting the dog again, as they make their way home.

Leading the dog into the truck, they now have a new friend by the name of ” Rex”.





This incredible story will be Ivan’s story of how they became best friends.

Some things are meant to be. Like their friendship. Let us know of your dog stories below!

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