Make Peace With Your Life, Begin By Improving Your Attitude & Start Achieving More Positive Results

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By Lex Lopez

Do you know people who never run out of something to complain about? Who blame everyone except themselves for all the unpleasant things that are happening to them?

I hate to admit this but I used to be that person. My friends even used to call me a vampire because I sucked out all their energy whenever I would babble on about my problems. It was always about me, myself and I.

However, things changed when I was “forced to volunteer” in an outreach program. It was my friend’s project so she signed me up without letting me know. We were sent to a slum area to help teach children, cook food for them, and leave them with more than what we came in with.

That ONE DAY I spent with those poor families gave me a totally different perspective in life. It made me realize how lucky and privileged I am as a human being. Those people helped me see things from a positive point of view, encouraged me to work hard for what I don’t have instead of complaining about not having enough all the time, and inspired me to create purpose in my life.

Ladies, here are some other ways to help improve your attitude and live the kind of life many aspire to.

Always Think & Act With Purpose

Life questions are endless. In fact, you deal with them every day when you ask yourself: “Should I quit my job? Should I go to the gym today or sleep some more? Should I give him another chance or just move on? Should I follow my instinct?” They may sound simple but your answers can have significant effect on your health, on your future, and on the people around you.

When you act on purpose, you put more meaning in your actions, you avoid wasting time and energy on something that doesn’t really matter and you get some sense of fulfillment especially when you succeed.

On a lighter note, I understand that there are certain times wherein you don’t know what you’re doing because you probably spent you’re entire night trying to finish that bottle of Bacardi Razz. And one of the worst things that could happen on a night like that is Drunk-Texting!

Writer Dayana Aleksandrova suggests doing these 7 tricks to save your dignity from the embarrassment of drunk texting.

Choose to Be Grateful No Matter What

Life may not give you everything that you want, but it provides you with everything that you need. But in order to see that, you have to learn to appreciate the little wonderful things in your life and give thanks for all that you have each and every day.

Gratitude lifts your spirit and fills your heart with joy and kindness. It increases your tolerance to discomfort and fear. It also boosts your happiness, heightens your immune system and strengthens your relationships.

And to help you remember the people and things in your life that you’re grateful for, check this out – “A 60-Second Gratitude Practice That Can Change Everything.”

Intend to Make Each Day a Good One

Cultivating healthy habits in your everyday routine can help improve your attitude. It gives you a sense of control and the power to live life on your own terms. It also increases your productivity and brings good results so that you have something to be happy about at the end of each day.

Consider every waking day of your life as a gift. Choose to spend it wisely and don’t waste it on activities and habits that don’t make you a better person or lead you towards the direction of your dreams and goals.

To help make your weekends or rest days worthwhile, writer Erin Nicole shares these 8 rituals that all successful women do.

I think everyone should try to do #5 at least once a week as this will not only make you physically and mentally healthier, but it will also give you more time for people and things that truly matter.

Perspective Is Everything

Challenges, difficulties and setbacks are a natural part of being alive and normal. They are essential for you to grow as a person and to advance in life. Without those complications, you won’t learn anything, you will find no purpose in living and the rest of the world will still be messed up.

Responding to your disappointments, unhappiness and problems with a positive attitude is the only way to thrive, to keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams and to succeed. When you’re optimistic, you see unpleasant events as something temporary. You reframe the situation in such a way that it can help you become a better person instead of reacting emotionally and dwelling on your failed expectations and frustrations.

Brian Tracy shares these 4 interesting ideas that you can use to maintain a positive attitude and manage stress.

My favorite on the list is #3: It is impossible to grow without difficulty.

Whenever I’m feeling too lazy to leave my bed in the morning and do my workout routines, I always tell myself, “Nothing comes easy. I have to work for the life and the body that I want.” So, in order to achieve my goals I have to rise above my own laziness and compete against myself to be in the shape that I want and then keep that mentality going each and every day.


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