Local Dating: Where To Look For A Successful Long-Term Relationship

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By H. Daniels

#1) The Bar

Now, when I say “bar” I don’t mean the latest and hottest club. I’m sure that there are plenty of good-looking men there but those types of clubs have a tendency of being loud and crowded. You can’t start building a connection with someone in a place where you can’t hear them say anything. Not to mention, the lighting is often dark and everyone ends up being wasted at the end of the night.

While this may sound like a typical Saturday night, it’s not quite the place where romance blossoms into anything other than the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle.

So instead of the “club” why not try the “guy’s bar”. It might get crowded sometimes, but it is usually quiet enough that you can hear each other talk and see what each other actually look like. You can meet some nice, down-to-earth gentlemen there. Not to mention, you can show off your pool skills.

#2) The Market

The local dating scene can be found anywhere. Shopping is a great way to meet men. It’s an easy place to find something that you have in common. Book stores are great because they’re fairly quiet, the lighting is good, and you can find someone that shares your love of Stephen King.

#3) The Conference

Business conferences are fantastic because you can help build your career and your personal life. I suggest going there and look after your business interests first. After you are done smoozing with the people you need to smooze with, you can check out the successful businessmen.

If it is a big business conference, it might be hard to find someone who lives in a town near you but it is still possible to find true love in a business suit.

#4) The Internet

There are plenty of dating sites that you can turn to in order to find some good, single men in your town. In addition to those sites, you can also try message boards for things that you are interested in: volunteering, gaming, movies, books, activities, etc.

You can even try MeetUp. Meetup.com is a great site that helps people get in touch with other people in their town who have the same interests. While they’re not geared toward linking single people with their soul mates, that does have a tendency of happening.

Often, you can find a “singles group” in your town for some strictly local dating meet-ups. Otherwise, you can look into groups that you are interested in (hiking, mountaineering, book clubs, crafts, boating, gaming, etc.).

#5) The College

Even if you’ve already graduated from college, you can attend classes at your local college. Colleges offer a variety of non-academic classes that you can enjoy: acting, pottery and art, writing courses, gardening, etc. While you’re there, why not check out the men in the class. Since you’re in the same class, obviously you have something in common already. Way to break the ice.

#6) The Best Friend

I’m not suggesting that you should date your best friend (though some sweet love stories come out of those relationships). I’m suggesting that you ask your best friend for help. They know who you have a tendency of dating, they know what kind of men you like, they know your likes and pet peeves, and they have your best interests at heart.

Ask them if they know anyone that might be interested in you and vice versa. Take them along with you to the bar or to a meetup group. They’ll help you weed through the men and (if they’re the designated driver) they won’t have beer goggles on which means that they can see straight through those slick mens’ charades.

#7) The Park

The park is also another place to look for single men. Sometimes a dose of fresh air is just what you need to let yourself go. Dog parks are wonderful because you can arrange play dates with your pups (if they get along). Regular parks are good because you can meet other health conscious people (if you’re both running) and it is easier to break the ice: talk about the weather, talk about the scenery, share stories about your pets, etc.

#8) The Club

I don’t mean dance club either. I mean activity-oriented clubs. Think of a hobby that you thoroughly enjoy. You can treat yourself to a good time by joining a club based around that interest. You can also meet new friends that like to do the same thing and if you end up finding your true love, then you can call it a triple win.


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