Life In Confinement For These Siblings Proves that You Can Do Anything Despite Your Circumstances


By Julie Redwood

Bhagavan, Goinda, Barayana, Mukunda, Krisna, Hagadesh and Visnu are all siblings who grew up in confinement in their 4 bedroom home in Lower East Side Manhattan New York City.  Their father, with whom they’ve become estranged with, Oscar Angulo, felt that New York City would “contaminate” them. He was the only one in the home, who held key to the front door, which they were forbidden to pass.

Because of their seclusion, they were forced to have fun on their own. Oddly, despite their father’s wishes of seeing life in the city where they lived,  he allowed them to gain outside access through movies, which they would re-enact.

When the boys were finally able to get out and about in the city in 2010, they ran into Crystal Moselle, who would help them to nurture their love of film and even bought them a camera.

“It almost felt as if I had discovered a long lost tribe, except that it was not from the edges of the world but from the streets of Manhattan”, says Moselle. “They had no friends. They were home-schooled and their only window to the world was movies,” Moselle explained.

As they moved away from secluded life and into the creative world of film, Moselle decided to create a documentary about the boys, inviting them on a trip to the Utah Sundance Film Festival, where their film went on to win the U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Prize and where they were able to meet Eli Roth, among other celebrities they cherished.

Today, 22-year old, Govinda has since moved out of their home and according to Moselle, they still hold some resentment for their father for keeping them in isolation for so long.

Visnu, their only sister, has special needs. While they have grown apart in the sense of finding themselves and purpose, the brothers have since have found interests on the other side of the front door to the place they were once held in solitude.

The oldest, Bhagavan, has joined a hip-hop dance conservatory,  while Govinda hopes to one day become a photographer. Narayana works for  by an anti-fracking organization, Makunda is a writer and director,  Krisna and Jagadesh are pursuing endeavors in music and 80’s culture.



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Here’s a short clip from their debut, Wolfpack.

To find more information about the Wolfpack, visit the movie’s website.  You can also keep up to date about the progress of the movie via Instagram and Twitter.

Despite their unusual circumstance, they are still young and still have potential to lead normal lives. Please let us know what you think!

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